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If you’ve got into the habit of doing some daily Resting, can you imagine the benefits of Resting many times a day?

It takes just 30 seconds for Intentional Resting TM  to magically unwind stress and weave some calm into your day!


To me it feels as if Resting often is like releasing the valve on a pressure cooker, so the stress never builds up to a high level.

Because Intentional Resting leads to calmness in a such quick and easy way, I soon found that in addition to my regular morning and evening Resting I was Resting many times through the day. At about 30 seconds a time, I estimate I probably Rest for a further 5-10 minutes a day. That’s 5-10 mins of deep calm.

If you’d like more calm in your day, here are some ways you can weave Resting into your daily life. If you’re new to Resting, first see my Quick Start for Intentional Resting.

Regular Resting

It’s good to make Resting a habit at a particular time of day for a few minutes. This is your opportunity to Rest deeply, and address an emerging Resting Sequence.

On waking

This is a great time to Rest for something you’ll be doing during the day.
I’m Resting for article writing today!

30 Day Programme

I’m finding this Programme a good reminder to remember to Rest! I’m following it for the third time, and Resting more deeply each day for a specific part of my Being. Each morning an email pops in with the link to a 5 minute audio introducing the day’s topic. 30 Day Intentional RestingTM Programme by Dan Howard.
I’m Resting for my Liver today.

Before sleep

A good time to Rest for: an ongoing issue, something that’s bothered you during the day, or to extend some Resting you did during the day.
I’m Resting for my lower back now.

While I’ve always been a good sleeper, I find I sleep more deeply after Resting for my sleep.
I’m Resting into deep sleep tonight.

On the Go Resting

Extending into Resting ‘on the go’ multiplies amount of stress you unwind, and the amount of calm you achieve. You may find that once you’ve got into the habit of Resting, and appreciated how quick it is, you naturally start Resting when things bother you during the day. Here are some examples from my day.

About to push my grandson in his pram up our very steep hill.
I’m Resting for my legs & energy now.

Needing to make a choice about my pension scheme.
I’m Resting for making this choice now.

Feeling angry after a nuisance phone call.
I’m Resting into this anger now.

Faced with unexpected people for a meal, short of food, and an appointment to keep in an hour.
I’m Resting for feeling stressed now.

The possibilities are endless!

Sometimes I remember to Rest as the discomfort arises, other times I Rest some time later, or at the end of my day. Either way is an opportunity to unwind discomfort and stress, and lessen its build up as the day progresses.

On The Spot Resting

When you don’t even have 30 seconds to spare to Rest, provided you’ve already practised Resting, you’ll probably find,  that simply saying a quick phrase is enough to have a calming effect, as you continue your activity. Rather like a shortcut.

Being interviewed, and feeling off track with a response:
I’m Resting now. Or simply:

Catch-up Resting

Some of your Resting will spark other things to Rest for, which you can catch up with whenever you find yourself with a couple of minutes to spare – like being in the supermarket queue, or during your regular Resting.
The Delicious Nugget: You can weave Intentional Resting TM into your day through regular Resting, Resting on the go, On the spot Resting, and Catch up Resting.  Extend your Resting and multiply the calm in your life!

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  2 Responses to “Weave Some Rest Into Your Day”

  1. I love this post. When you set bars for me a few weeks ago – probably around the same time you wrote this – you told me to “actively relax”. It’s something I don’t do enough of when I’m at home. Funnily enough, that week my husband started telling me “you need to actively relax”. Now I’ve started doing it at my desk or at the end of a drive when I reach my destination, so before I start the next segment of my day, I take 30secs to relax. I love the pressure cooker analogy – that’s so true!!! 🙂
    Thanks again for all the magical healing you’ve done for us

    • Thanks for your feedback Rossanne!

      You remind me of another habit, when I arrive home or finish a job feeling other than good, I take a minute to Rest for that feeling, so I don’t carry those state in to my family.

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