Jul 222009

Single simple cloudWould you like to find that elusive place of a quiet mind that lies between your thoughts?

Here’s one of Deepak Chopra’s suggestions. Close your eyes, and silently repeat to yourself the mantra “I am”, “I am”, “I am”, “I am” for about three minutes. Or more if you like.

The mantra “I am”, has no thought attached to it. Through repetition it competes with your thoughts, until the mantra and your thoughts cancel each other out, and you drop into that delicious space of a quiet mind.

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May 282009

Reconnect and recharge yourself with the power of silence!

I invite you to entrain to the deep silence I have recorded. The silence should become more powerful as more people listen to it.

Inspired by Dadi Janki of the Brahma Kumaris.

Turn on your speakers,  sit back, press the arrow and enjoy!

2 mins – following the short introduction there are no more words, so you can enjoy the silence  as long as you like.

To Download right/option click, and Save.

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Apr 182008

I’ve found that asking myself  ‘Am I still breathing?’, whenever I remember, is a great shortcut to getting into the present moment, and all the health benefits that brings.

From the first 7 weeks of the Oprah/Tolle telecourse ‘A New Earth’, asking this question has been the single most effective tip for me, and I’m using it consistently. Continue reading »

Feb 272008

You yearn to achieve the peace and wellbeing that comes with reconnecting with your true Self, but this connection remains mysterious and elusive.

When you’re connected you feel energised, unfazed by life’s challenges, and secure in what you do. You operate from a place of love, which engenders balance and good health. Continue reading »

Feb 132008

The Sedona method is an amazingly quick way to let go of negative emotions, and allow the positive, happy you which is always there below the surface, to emerge and shine.

Have you noticed how easily a baby moves from one emotion to another? One minute the baby is crying because she is too hot. The next minute, after her blanket is removed, she is beaming smiles. She let her feeling of anger at being too hot float away like a cloud. Continue reading »

Oct 242007

EFT is very quick and easy to use. You can learn to use The Basic Recipe in about 10 minutes using the following steps.

1. Decide the issue you want to work on.

EFT is most effective when you work on a specific event, or a circumstance that triggers your discomfort. For example:

My fear when the spider ran across the carpet today (rather than ‘My fear of spiders’).

The knot I got in my stomach when I spoke to my boss last week (rather than ‘The knot in my stomach’). Continue reading »