Intentional RestingTM – an overview

Revolutionize your approach to rest, and rest your approach to life.

Dan Howard, Founder of Intentional RestingTM

Intentional Resting is so simple no training is needed! Everyone can use it straight away.

Ready to dive right in?

If so, check out the Audio and Written Guides in my Quick Start for Intentional Resting, and my other Articles on Resting.

Otherwise, read on for my interpretation of Intentional Resting.

What is Intentional  Resting?

Intentional RestingTM is a simple way to rest for, and soften, whatever’s bothering you, in just 30 seconds!

Hi May,

Thought I’d let you know that I am thoroughly enjoying using “Intentional Resting”, great results for going to sleep and when I found my tummy feeling upset after a meal out, I used it to great effect.

Flora Adam, Dunblane, Scotland

What’s it based on?

Intentional Resting is based on the premise that many people’s default state has become one of stress, so much so that they often don’t even realise that they are stressed. This results in bodies and minds on continual alert, that can eventually manifest as all types of dis-ease from poor sleep through arthritis to depression.

Since practising Intentional Resting I’ve discovered that although I was sleeping well, I wasn’t resting  After intentionally resting into sleep, I’ve woken feeling more alive, after fewer hours of sleep!

Isn’t resting the same as relaxing?

Not really. Most people do something to relax; they may breathe more deeply, listen to music, or watch TV. And many fail to achieve the relaxation they seek.

‘To rest’ comes from the French verb ‘arrêter’, which means ‘to stop’. When we rest we automatically disengage from the stress response, giving our body and mind systems the space to rebalance and heal in the way only they know best.

Resting takes you from being a  ‘human doing’ to a ‘human being’!

What will resting do for me?

Resting takes you from a stressed state to stillness (or  peace / being / pure awareness). It takes you home to you! Most people experiece resting as a settling into themselves.

Resting creates space in your body and mind; space that allows for automatic healing and rebalancing to restore and enliven you. Many people feel energised after resting.

Resting has helped resolve or diminish a wide range of conditions, and is particularly effective for sleep issues and fibromyalgia.

I woke up rested, looking better, feeling better. I used it on resting into my vulnerability, into my soul, into my mind, into my health (YES! my leg pain is gone!!!!),  into issues I find difficult to deal with.

It is like sneaking through the back door instead of facing the issue from the front where I have already been and where it felt high-adrenaline. The “back-door” way is so serene, peaceful and low-stress.

This is the approach I was intuitively looking for but never found as all approaches I was familiar with were high-adrenaline ones. I feel this resting brings us straight into pure awareness.

Jana Sefcikova, Glasgow, Scotland

You can use resting:

  • to soften acute conditions, like when I banged my leg into a stool, paused to rest and the pain went in seconds
  • to ease chronic conditions, like a tight jaw, poor sleep, fibromyalgia, MS, anxiety or depression
  • to ease relationships
  • to ease situations like going to the dentist, giving a presentation
  • in a preventative way to keep your body and mind healthy
  • for business, the earth, the environment … and more.

There’s not really anything you can’t use resting for!

How do you Intentionally Rest?

It’s easy, you notice what’s up for you, say a simple phrase, and pause!

My Quick Start for Intentional Resting includes Audio and Written Guides, with 7 tips for effective resting.

How does May use Intentional Resting in Delicious Healing?

If you’d like some help finding what to rest for, and phrasing your rests, we can devote your session to Intentional Resting.

Otherwise, when appropriate, we’ll blend resting in with other healing methods, tailored specifically to help you.

Either way will bring more rest and ease into your life, which can only be good for your healing and health!

Here’s where to book a Delicious Healing session.


Dan Howard’s website Intentional RestingTM, has more information,  free videos, as well as his  ‘Well Rested’ package that I use myself, comprising:

  • The Rest Of Your Life – video workshop that aims to make you a ‘Professional rester’
  • 30 Day Resting Programme for the Whole Body – short audio links by email
  • Intentional Resting For Sleep – CD/mp3
  • Deep Rest – Rest While Awake – CD/mp3
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