Jun 132015

Surprised womanI’ve been reverse ageing using the Melt Method for 5 months now, and would like to share 5 surprisingly good aspects of this approach.

Some of them run contrary to the ethos and experiences of regular exercise.

If MELTing is new to you, please check out my Articles: Quick Start To Reverse Ageing, and More Reverse Ageing With MELT.

Without further ado, here are the 5 surprisingly good things about MELTing I’ve discovered.

1. Immediate results

An important part of MELTing is to check out your body before and after, so you can see the difference you’ve made.

For example, You’ll find that doing the Hand Treatment just once strengthens your grip – that has to be the result of improved messaging through the fascia rather than improved muscle strength. You’ll also find that the arm of the hand you just worked on has lengthened!

My immediate result from MELTing was a massive reduction in night-time hip pain, while I know others who got immediate relief from shoulder and back pain.

2. Gain without pain

Forget the adage ‘No pain, no gain’. With MELTing the reverse is true – you only benefit from using the balls and soft roller in a comfortable way.

If you’re experiencing pain it means you’re stressing the fascia rather than helping it regain its healthy fluid state. When you experience pain, you simply ease off the pressure, or move to work away from the edge of the painful area. Easy!

3. Under an hour a week

Unbelievably, you only need to MELT 3 times a week for fifteen minutes to rejuvenate your fascia and experience the reverse ageing effects on your body.

Though I have to say that I find it so beneficial, I’m more inclined to MELT most days, and some of my friends are doing the same because it makes them feel so good!

4. Multi-task if need be

Whilst I prefer to MELT in dedicated time when I can be mindful of my body and how it is responding, it’s perfectly possible to fit MELTing into odd pockets of your day.

The Mini Hand And Foot Treatments only take about 3 minutes, and I’ve heard of them being done in the shower, while stirring the porridge, or watching TV!

5. Catch the pre-pain

As you ‘glide’ the soft roller over part of your body, and you notice an area that’s uncomfortable, you’re noticing an area of pre-pain. It’s highly likely that you’ll find such areas in your calves, even though they may normally feel quite comfortable.

MELTing an area near the sore spot – never on it – you’ll resolve the pre-pain before it develops into actual pain. How cool is that!

So, I highly recommend MELTing for immediate rejuvenation of your fascia, that you can easily fit into your week, and to resolve pre-pain before it even materialises.

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  1. The Universe/God is soooo awesome! I know I was led to this page….”when the student is ready the teacher appears”
    Thank you for this information!!!!

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