Nov 182014

3D white people. Resting on a check markI’m regularly ‘Noticing & Resting’ to magically dissolve issues on the spot! I’ve come full circle – and with a deeper understanding – to an evolution of an approach I first learned fifteen years ago!

The Sedona Method – the basis of Noticing & Resting – was one of the first healing approaches I learned. After a weekend workshop of letting go of feelings my stress level, and associated physical symptoms including migraines, would disappear, and my energy level soar – so much so that people told me I looked different! Continue reading »

Feb 102011

TATLifeTAT is a simple, yet profound, way to help you get unstuck from your health issue. It  involves following 7 steps, while holding the ‘TAT Pose’.

My TAT Audio will guide you effortlessly through a TAT session.

Dedicated to my grandson  Alfie James who, along with his Mum, experienced TAT as he was born at 7.21pm on 6 February 2011. Continue reading »

Jun 022010

Do you have an ongoing health issue that isn’t responding to healing?

Are your self-healing efforts not working?

Are you unsure whether the healing you offer others is having any effect?

If you responded ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, the chances are you have old conditioning that’s sabotaging your healing efforts. What would it be like to let go of beliefs like ‘I never heal’, ‘I don’t deserve to heal’, ‘I’ll never be a healer’, or any of the other uncsoncious beliefs that keep running in the background of your mind?

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May 282009

Reconnect and recharge yourself with the power of silence!

I invite you to entrain to the deep silence I have recorded. The silence should become more powerful as more people listen to it.

Inspired by Dadi Janki of the Brahma Kumaris.

Turn on your speakers,  sit back, press the arrow and enjoy!

2 mins – following the short introduction there are no more words, so you can enjoy the silence  as long as you like.

To Download right/option click, and Save.

This is an experiment – so please let me know what you experience… Continue reading »

Apr 282009

Woman listeningIf you’re feeling constricted in any way – physically, emotionally or spiritually – this short audio will help you move to a more expanded state of being.

In this expanded state your healing energy will flow more freely.

So turn on your speakers, press the arrow below, sit back and enjoy!

3.5 minutes

To  Download right/option click, and Save.

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