TAT® – an overview

March 2015

TAT got even easier and deeper with the New Parts approach. Whatever you’re stuck with, we can address by simply saying a few things to the Parts of you that are making you stuck.  And voila, the stuckness often dissolves even more quickly than with the classic TAT steps!  Contact me to schedule a session with the New Parts approach.

The rest of this page outlines the classic TAT approach.

Ready to dive right in?

If so, I invite you to listen to my Quick Start for TAT! Otherwise please read on…

What is it?

TATLife“TAT is…
a good way to help a person shift from being stuck in “the story” to putting attention on the desired outcome. It is more than just “wishing” or “visualizing” change. TAT helps resolve the barriers and beliefs that may have held a person back, without having to analyze and go through the trauma or stress again. It is healthy, holistic healing that deeply touches the heart.”

Tapas Fleming, originator of TAT

So, TAT, or Tapas Acupresssure Technique,  is a gentle, yet powerful, healing process that helps you get ‘unstuck’ from your discomfort. When you do TAT your point of view changes, which means your reality changes too. No need to re-live old events, feel old feelings or figure anything out, simply hold the TAT Pose and notice what happens!

Dear May, Forgot to say that I seem to be eating more heartily since the TAT session, also feel more relaxed and confident.

Realised while meditaing yesterdy that fear must have been playing a huge part in my life; could feel a shift with that. Thank you. Love Rosanna

Rosanna Ismail, Dehradun, Uttar Pradesh, India

Tapas Fleming is an acupuncturist who initially sought a simple and effective way to heal allergies, and then evolved the process for a wide range of issues. Tapas and her trainers continue to evolve this process.

GailBy the Saturday after my last TAT session I felt really different – I was more active and itching to do things, whereas before I’d been feeling very stuck and didn’t want to do anything.

Gail Evans, Glasgow, Scotland

TAT helps you resolve barriers that are in the way of where you’d like to be. You don’t have to relive past events, or even discover the origins of the barriers.

I just wanted to thank you for our last TAT session.

We focused on self-care and since then I have been much better about taking care of myself, including going to see my herbalist who had me start taking a number of herbs which have really made a big difference for me, and I am also meditating more regularly. thanks again!

By email, Paula Bobb, Rochester, USA, Tickle the IvoriesTM

After a TAT session you’ll feel calm, peaceful and relaxed.

I was always sceptical about alternative healing methods, especially ones where you’re not even poked or proddeed!

My mind changed after the birth of my son. During labour Mum did TAT for both Alfie and me, and when his first teeth were coming through he was TAT’d. This resulted in an easy birth and the rest of his teeth coming without much upset! There have also been a few occasions when he was having problems sleeping so he recieved more TAT.

It’s always been very successful, now I phone Mum to ‘TAT the Brat’!

Anna Lang, (May’s daughter), Alloa, Scotland

TAT is one of the simplest healing modalities I’ve used – I love it because it so directly addresses the issues and helps me to release them without judgement.

Because it operates from what comes up in my mind rather than what a therapist suggests to me, I can see and feel it changing and releasing whatever issue I am working on. As I feel the issue change within my own mind, it instills greater confidence within myself that I can resolve issues that come up.

May is an excellent TAT practitioner – she takes what is shared and helps me to focus on what the issues are at hand, whilst operating as a gentle outside influence to aid and direct healing. I come away from each session grateful for her assistance and more confident in my own ability to heal and release.

Corina Thompson, London, UK

The TAT Pose

The TAT Pose generates a flow of healing life-force between the front and back of the head.

Here’s a 2.5 minute video with Joey Raines showing very clearly and beautifully the hand positions for the TAT Pose.

What happens in a session

We talk about your health issue and identify what’s bothering you most about it at the moment.

If you don’t already know it, I’ll teach you the TAT Pose, a simple way of placing your hands on the front and back of your head.

Then we work through the 9 steps of TAT. For each step, you hold the TAT Pose, and contemplate a freeing and empowering statement.  You don’t have to ‘do’ anything, simply put your attention on the statement, and notice what happens. Each Step lasts a minute or so.

At the end of your session, the chances are you’ll feel more peaceful, have some insights about your issue, and hopefully some relief.

A TAT session can be carried out in person, by phone or using Skype. I like Skype with a headset, as it leaves your hands free.

I was so desperate to try something that would give me a chance of solving my blood condition. Before I’d be in the car thinking ‘This is terrible, I’m going to be dying” and now I honestly don’t think about it. TAT made me feel less threatened.

With visualisation and TAT I felt I was doing something for myself
, whereas before I felt had absolutely no control, my consultant had all the control.

I liked the calm and relaxed feeling as the session went on. It gave a nice relaxed peaceful feeling being in the pose and thinking of the statement, and the enormity of what I felt before began to disappear.

When I used to wake up anxious in the night I do the TAT pose, and I fall asleep pretty quickly.

I used to feel that my happiness was threatened by my blood condition. Now, I’m much more relaxed about it, and my blood results have improved.

Rosalind Macrae, Stirling, Scotland

To arrange an in-person session, please Contact me.

Buy distance Sessions here.

How do I learn it for myself?

Purchase TAT101, Tapas’ comprehensive video and ebook guide to TAT from TATLife.

Listen to my Quick Start for TAT, which guides you through a TAT session, following the 9 steps of TAT.

How May uses it in Delicious Healing

If you’re particularly drawn to TAT we’ll make it the basis for your session. If, on the other hand, you’d like a blend of Delicious Healing methods, we’ll use TAT where I sense it’s appropriate for you


The TATLife website, has extensive resources and information to help you TAT.

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