Apr 242015

Whirlpool, blue rotational motionI’ve found an easy way to reverse some of the common symptoms of ageing, things like stiff joints, a sore hip, and dry skin – these and more gone like magic!. All in around 10 minutes a day of pain free moves.

I wasn’t looking to rejuvenate, this age reversal was the surprising, and of course very welcome, effect of investigating the fascia or connective tissue, in my body, and finding the MELT® Method. Continue reading »

Feb 262009

squeezing-spongeWhen you’re exercising and find yourself getting out of breath, try transferring your focus from your in-breath to your out-breath. Simply place your attention on breathing out as deeply as you can, and, like a squeezed-out sponge, your lungs will automatically fill up again with a deep breath.

This helped me keep my breathing controlled when I used to jog, and later when I pushed our pram up a very steep hill every day!

Nov 192008

If you’ve over-used your muscles – as I sometimes do, by digging out our compost heap, or climbing a mountain – there’s an easy way to avoid feeling sore the next day.

Run a bath – hot, but not too hot so the oil remains active. Before you get in, add 3-4 drops of marjoram oil. Relax in your bath for 10-15 minutes, enjoying the aroma. As all my family know, it works like a dream – your muscles will be fine in the morning!

Jul 122008

You know that regular exercise is an essential component of healthy living, yet it remains a chore, or at best sporadic. You feel frustrated with the number of times you’ve started to exercise, and then given up.

A friend told me that she doesn’t want to exercise for the sake of it, she wants to love her exercise. What a great idea! Then your exercise becomes a pleasure rather than a chore – you fall in love iwth it!! Continue reading »

May 292008

When my Mother was in her mid fifties I noticed she was leaning forward as she walked. Years later, as I reached a similar age, I became aware I was doing the same thing. Like mother, like daughter!

I knew that if I perpetuated this misalignment I might be heading for a health problem.

Thinking about my posture, I realised my mind was wanting to get to my destination faster than I was walking. For a while I would make a conscious effort to correct my posture, then I would forget, and revert to leaning forward as I walked.

Later, I came to appreciate three simple keys to an effortless, perfect posture. Continue reading »

Aug 082007

Do you feel vibrant and energised after exercising, or dull and tired?

It’s all too easy just to go through the motions of exercise; that way you’ll likely gain some benefit, however it’s as if you’re treating your body as a machine rather than a living organism.

What brings life to your body? That’s a tricky one to answer, but we do know that as long as you live you breathe continually. From a Western perspective the breath provides oxygen which is circulated via the blood to all your cells. From an Eastern perspective, the air you breathe in contains vital energy (also known as chi, prana or life force) which moves through invisible channels known as meridians to revitalise the whole body. Continue reading »

May 312007

You know that exercise is an essential ingredient for healthy living. It will help you get your body into better working order, and support your ongoing health. It dissipates the effects of stress, and unlocks your energy reserves. And so on. The media has you well versed in the benefits, you’ve chosen your exercise, bought the clothes and gear; the problem is actually getting started. Continue reading »