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Your body knows best what will make him or her function well, and when that happens you’re more likely to heal, stay healthy, and feel good!

You may be surprised how many areas of your life your body would like to influence.

First you need a way to communicate with your body, so you can find out what his or her preferences and needs are. This could be through muscle testing, dowsing, talking directly with your body, checking if the energy feels right for you, or the leaning test. Whatever way works best for you.

If you’re new to communicating with your body, be sure to trust what comes to you first; as you practice your confidence will soon grow.

Here are 5 areas of your life where you can find opportunities to put your body in charge. Of course in many cases the choices you make for you and your body need to mesh in with family, friends, workmates, train times etc, so you’ll need to compromise. However, if like me you’ve spent a lifetime choosing for your body, imagine how much better your body (and you) will feel if you involve him or her in just 5% or 10% of your choices.

I hope the questions below will prompt you to ask some questions of your body.

1. Healing & Support

I discovered my eyes felt they had used the Eye Strengthening Chart enough, now they want to do Vision Gym exercises and continue with TAT. Next time I have an eye test, I’ll ask my eyes to respond, rather than my brain.

Now that our dentist has retired, I’m remembering just in time to consult my body before registering with a new one.

  • What healing method would your body like to use to ease the discomfort?
  • Which healer / doctor / dentist would s/he prefer?
  • Would s/he like support from herbs, crystals, supplements or music?

Of course decisions about medication should always be taken in consultation with your doctor.

2. Clothes & Hair

The idea that our bodies have preferences for the colours they wear n a particular day is well-known.

My body lets me know in no uncertain terms when I recently bought some hiking boots that turned out to be uncomfortable – if only I’d thought to check with her first!

  • What colour would your body like to wear today?
  • How would your body like his/her hair cut?
  • Which top would s/he like you to buy?
3. Food & Drink

This is an area where many of us abuse our bodies, feeding them things they don’t like, in quantities they don’t need. Our physical appetites are often corrupted by our emotional needs.

I’ve found it particularly helpful to check when my body has had enough (when the food stops tasting delicious), and I feel lighter when I follow her prompts.

  • When would your body like to eat/drink?
  • What would your body like to eat/drink?
  • Has your body had enough?
4. Exercise & Rest

Exercise & sleep perhaps comes at the other end of the spectrum, with many bodies not having enough.

My body has always liked walking, and currently really likes Tai Chi, wanting to practice each day. She usually prefers at least an hour’s sleep before midnight.

  • When would your body like to exercise/rest?
  • How would your body like to exercise?
  • How long for?
5. Treats & Fun

I’m guessing you like some treats and fun in your life, so how about your body too? My body finds Resting a treat – as often as I remember. She also likes a good soak in an aromatherapy bath.

  • What treat would your body like today?
  • What would s/he like to do for fun today?
  • How would your body like you to make up for some of the choices you made today that s/he wasn’t so keen on?

The Delicious Nugget: Involving your body in the choices you make in your day to day living will pay dividends for your health and healing.

Please share the questions you come up with for your body below.

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