May Johnstone, Ph D

Health and healing have always been part of my life. My brothers and I were fortunate to have been brought up on a wholefood diet, supported by gentle naturopathic remedies whenever our health went out of balance. My Mother was a yoga teacher, and passionate in her use of natural ways to heal and stay healthy. Cold water treated most things, and honey soon sorted out an infection. We never needed to visit the doctor.

I used to browse through the latest Harry Edwards magazine, fascinated by the reports of spiritual healing, and wish I had could do the same!

A decade after leaving home I started to explore a range of self-healing modalities, and joined a weekly Healing Group. I trained in kinesiology and Reiki, and developed a fascination with the ‘distance’ versions of these healing tools. Interestingly, in my day job. I was busy writing ‘distance learning’ training modules!

Then came the internet, which exploded my opportunities to learn more about healing with world experts through teleclasses, to buddy up with like-minded people to develop my skills, and to share my healing skills worldwide! I have teamed up with a Sedona Method buddy in New Zealand, a ‘sensing’ buddy in California, a raw food buddy in Vancouver, a TAT buddy in Nebraska, and a Bars buddy in France!

Over the years I became a practitioner of Quantum Touch, EFT, TAT, Access, Reconnective Healing, Kinetic Chain Release, The Awakening, and  a One Command Circle Leader, again finding myself drawn to the distance versions.

I learned to connect to the wisdom of the universe through my heart, so I’m able to ‘sense’ what type of healing is appropriate for a client.

In 2006 the various threads of the tapestry came together to create Delicious Healing, so named after one client said her healing felt ‘delicious’!

My love of learning means I’m continually deepening my understanding of healing. I now see that all the modalities I use do the same thing – they enable me to help my clients access their ‘Be-ing-ness’, the Stillness, the Power of the Universe, the place where they connect with their Source to heal.

It’s all about reconnecting with who you already are, so you can re-find your healing power!

My aim at Delicious Healing is to help women whose lives have become hampered by health issues to regain that delicious feeling of getting their life back.

Please feel free to Contact me if there’s anyting you’d like to discuss about your situation and Delicious Healing.

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