Feb 072015

Detox finger mudraHowever careful you are with your diet, it’s almost impossible to avoid the toxins that pervade our environment from everyday items like carpets, plastics and cleaning agents.

Then there are the toxins you create in your body through stress and holding on to thought patterns and emotions.

It’s no wonder we all need to detox! Continue reading »

Oct 022014

brain that rests on a chaise longueResting is different to relaxing.

When someone asks me to relax, I immediately think of doing something, like slowing my breathing or letting go of tight muscles. Even thinking about doing these things is doing something with my brain!

Resting, on the other hand, is doing nothing. Absolutely nothing. No thinking. No moving. No tensing. No conscious relaxing. Continue reading »

Aug 152014

Step Back Start AgainTowards the end of the summer I noticed my hip was getting sore again, and I wasn’t sleeping so well.

This puzzled me, especially as I’d had plenty of time off on the west coast, spending much of it outdoors enjoying time with our daughter and grandson who’d been staying with us for a couple of months awaiting their house move. Continue reading »