Apr 242015

Whirlpool, blue rotational motionI’ve found an easy way to reverse some of the common symptoms of ageing, things like stiff joints, a sore hip, and dry skin – these and more gone like magic!. All in around 10 minutes a day of pain free moves.

I wasn’t looking to rejuvenate, this age reversal was the surprising, and of course very welcome, effect of investigating the fascia or connective tissue, in my body, and finding the MELT® Method.


Within days of starting the MELT® Hand and Foot moves a sciatic-type tingling down my leg disappeared, and my hip stopped waking me up at night giving me a full eight hours of sleep! All I was doing was pressing and gliding a soft ball gently on my hands and feet! This was enough to motivate me to keep going and explore more MELT® moves.


Further benefits emerged. I found myself spontaneously stretch each morning – and wondered when that habit disappeared. My fingers are stronger and straighter, and my finger nails grow more quickly and are in great condition. There’s a spring in my step rather than the ‘clump’ of the older person. The hard skin on my heels is largely gone, and my skin is not so dry. These effects gave me real hope that ageing is optional, I don’t need to follow the cultural ageing norm.


Most recently my shoulders have dropped by an inch or more. I only noticed this because I became aware that when walking my fingers were touching my thighs lower down than usual! Three months on and I’m fully committed to further reversing the effects of ageing!

A little about fascia

Don’t worry if you don’t know much about fascia, it used to be largely ignored in anatomy and physiology, and has only recently emerged as an important body system.

The fascia is the connective tissue beneath the skin. Rather like a onesy it envelopes the whole body. Then it extends deep to surround every organ and bone, and penetrate into the muscles. It’s one continuous system, so changes in one part affect the whole system.

When healthy the fascia is like a wet sponge – able to twist, with liquid properties that allow for rapid communication between body systems. When stressed it’s like a dry, brittle sponge, unable to move, so joints and muscles become tight, and eventually pain emerges.

MELT® moves rejuvenate the fascia by rehydrating it and restoring its stretchy properties.

Getting started with MELT®

If you’re still with me I guess I’ve whetted your appetite, so here’s the quick way I used to get started  using the free online videos from Sue Hitzmann’s sessions on the Dr Oz Show.

A soft squash ball is a good substitute for the MELT ball, while a rolled up towel or yoga mat can substitute for the soft roller. However you can make good progress by focusing on the Hand and Foot moves with just the soft ball.

You may need to be patient if an ad shows up at the start :~)

Sue Hitzmann’s Plan To MELT Pain video (14 mins)

Part 1: Introduction to MELT  (6 mins)

Part 2: Rebalance Sequence, Neck Release, Mini Hand Treatment (4 mins)

Part 3: Foods to MELT pain   (4 mins)

Written instructions:

pdf of instructions for hand, foot and rebalance (spine) sequences given in Dr Oz show

Pain Melting Workout video

Sue Hitzmann’s Pain Melting Workout  (6 mins)

Takes 3 mins every morning:

  1. Mini Soft Ball Foot Treatment
  2. Hip /lower back release
  3. Mini Hand Treatment
  4. Neck Release

Enjoy MELTing, and please help inspire others by sharing the benefits you experience …

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  12 Responses to “Quick Start To Reverse Ageing with MELT”

  1. Heh heh. I came to you via searching Louise Hay Knee Pain and did a little tapping as advised.

    However, I couldn’t resist continuing to browse your site thinking ‘nothing’s happening, this isn’t going anywhere. Landed on the MELT post. As it happens, I’m on my way to a Pilates session (granted, because of the persistent knee pain) where the practitioner has recommended I begin with MELTing first. So. On track then 😉

  2. Where did you buy the squash ball at?

  3. Hi May,
    I came across your website and discovered the melt method and I am really interested in love your info only I was wondering where I can buy the DVD’s , I saw the book on Amazon, only I am having trouble finding out where to get the DVD’s here in the UK.

    Would you maybe know where I can get them?

    Much gratitude for bringing this in my reality , Kyera

    • Hi Kyera,

      I’m glad you’ve found MELT!

      I got my DVDs from USA, and of course that involved international postage. I see this site says MELT products are available in the UK, so I’d give them a try: http://www.meltmethodkent.co.uk/product/

      Good luck, and enjoy the benefits of MELTing! May

  4. Hi May, Not able to attend a MELT class just now, have sent for the MELT book. Can you tell me where to buy the roller and the balls? I can’t find except a roller on Amazon from the States (costs £65)

    Many thanks


    • Hi Anne, good to hear from you again!

      I got my Roller and balls from Sissel UK

      The roller must be a soft one, it’s the ‘Pilates Soft Roller”.

      You can use a squash ball – the softest one, that has two yellow dots on it, available from sports shops.

      Personally, I prefer the softer balls, again from Sissel because they feel more nurturing. They are the ‘Sissel Press Balls’, that come in 4 levels of hardness. If you’re buying just one, I’d recommend the second hardest (which is fairly soft!) – the blue ‘medium’ one.

      I hope that helps, and happy MELTing – you’ll be amazed at the effects 😉

      • Thanks as always for your help and sharing of ideas May, will look for these. Do you just follow the hand foot and back video as a daily 10 min routine? I got the book and there’s a whole load of exercises!

        • Yes, Anne, I started with the hand, foot and back treatments and the hip release from the videos from the Dr Oz show.

          At that point I din’t have the book, which I agree can seem daunting, though in it, Sue Hitzmann, founder of MELT, strongly recommends starting with the Hand and Foot Treatments. They are easy to do with just a ball, and because the fascia is one continuous system, rejuvenating it in the hands and feet, spreads to other parts of the body too. So, for example, the Hand Treatment finishes with rolling your arm along the ball from your fingers to your elbow to spread the rejuvenation of the fascia up to your neck and shoulders.

          Because I got such quick benefits, I became highly motivated to explore more moves through the MELT book and its accompanying DVDs, plus Kirsty’s MELT Rub and Roll Workshops here in Stirling. The Sacro Iliac Joint Shear immediately released stuck tension in my lower back, so it became part of my ‘basic’ routine.

          My current MELT practice varies, depending on the time I have available; it usually comprises what have become the basics for me, as I’ve outlined above, with further additions when I have the time.

          Of course your body is different, so I suggest starting with Hand, Foot and Back, and when they feel routine exploring further moves.

          You’re on the right track, Anne; the main thing is to get started, enjoy the improvements you experience, and see where you go from there … ! Do let me know how you get on.

  5. Hi May,

    I am a 76 yo pensioner with COPD and 44 year old Slipped Disc issues plus having been diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease two years ago, which affects my feet, legs, voice and balance. I use a 4 wheeled rollator to get about the house and around the grounds. It keeps me upright and stops me falling because of the balance thing and I came across your site by accident and cottoned on to the Melt system four days ago.

    Using one of my old squash balls and watching the videos, I am amazed at the difference it has made to my life. My feet and legs feel lighter and I am stepping out more instead of shuffling and my balance is much better so that I can let go my buggy on occasion without falling. I was falling a lot in the past. My voice and swallowing have improved a lot in the last four days. With no cure for MND I was at the stage of feeling really bad about my health and consultants giving me no hope of ever finding a cure.

    I just wanted to say thank you for leading me in the right direction to better health.


    • Hi George,

      Thank you for sharing your experience of MELTing! You’ve had wonderful improvements in a very short time, and I’m sure this will inspire others to experience the benefits of rejuvenating their fascia.

      I too had immediate results, and also further results that unfolded after a while, so I hope you do too.


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