Feb 072015

Detox finger mudraHowever careful you are with your diet, it’s almost impossible to avoid the toxins that pervade our environment from everyday items like carpets, plastics and cleaning agents.

Then there are the toxins you create in your body through stress and holding on to thought patterns and emotions.

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Dec 122014

Surya mudra for appetiteNow we’re into the Festive Season, it’s all too easy to over-indulge … then feel the discomfort, … and regret it!

So here’s a simple way to help you retune your appetite.

You’ll still be able to enjoy your favourite foods, but you won’t be so tempted into excess.

I like to think this finger posture is like resetting the thermostat in our lounge. When it gets too hot, I turn down the thermostat; when my appetite gets out of control, I reset it with my fingers!

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Oct 242014

Headache mudraI’d spent too long at the computer, and worse still the sun was catching one eye. So no surprise that all the strain produced a headache!

On the bright side, this provided a good opportunity to try out the finger posture (or mudra) for headaches, and it worked a treat! My headache was gone in a few minutes, then I had the sense to go for a walk and get some fresh air. Continue reading »