Jul 182015


If you find yourself zonked out on the couch by evening time, you’ve likely been accumulating stress throughout your day. What if you could de-stress more or less as quickly as you collect stress?

If you didn’t accumulate stress through your day, how might you feel come the evening? And what if you could link de-stressing to an automatic body process? Continue reading »

Feb 262009

squeezing-spongeWhen you’re exercising and find yourself getting out of breath, try transferring your focus from your in-breath to your out-breath. Simply place your attention on breathing out as deeply as you can, and, like a squeezed-out sponge, your lungs will automatically fill up again with a deep breath.

This helped me keep my breathing controlled when I used to jog, and later when I pushed our pram up a very steep hill every day!