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Just as your kitchen soon gets cluttered if you don’t put the rubbish out every week, so your head is continually gathering clutter in the form of redundant thoughts, beliefs and judgements. Having had my Bars run regularly for over a year, I recently experienced the uncomfortable results of getting out of the habit, followed by the bliss of regaining a clear head.

Persistent Arctic conditions here in Scotland meant I’d not had my Bars run for weeks. On the third day of a muzzy head and little progress with anything non-essential, the penny suddenly dropped that I needed my Bars run, so I quickly borrowed a four wheel drive car to get up the long icy road to Joyce’s house so we could run each others’ Bars.

The next morning was bliss – my head felt so clear and spacious! (I usually notice the benefits after a night’s sleep, while some people notice the benefits right away). All of a sudden there was clarity, and I quickly dealt with paperwork that had been languishing on my desk, and other jobs. I promised myself I’d be sure to get back to having my Bars run at least every fortnight!

With a recycling pick-up every Monday, it’s now a habit to get all our rubbish out on a Sunday evening. My diary prompts me to run scans fortnightly clean-ups on my computer. It was easy to add Bars swaps to my diary, so I don’t allow my head to get cluttered up again!

How to get your Bars run:

There are several ways to get your Bars run.

  • Pay for sessions with a Bars Practitioner –a great way to experience the benefits of having your Bars run, though costly on a regular basis.
  • Learn to run the Bars – it just takes a day, then you can
    • Swap Bars at a Bars Exchange – these groups are open to everyone who has completed the one day Bars Training. There are Bars Exchange groups worldwide, including my monthly Bars Exchange in Scotland.
    • Swap Bars with another person who has learned to run the Bars. This can be in-person, or a ‘distance swap’ – as in my Taster Healing Bar.
    • Run your own Bars – this is a last resort, as it’s much less potent than having someone run them for you.

If you need a quick way to clear your head, please try a Bars session. You may be surprised at the results!

The Delicious Nugget: Having your Bars run is a very effective way to keep your head clear, so you have more ease and energy to get on with your life. The best way to have your Bars run regularly is to learn to run the Bars, so you can do swaps with others.

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  4 Responses to “When did you last declutter your head?”

  1. Hello May,

    How are you? First, let me tell you that I find your website mind-blowing – I absolutely love finding so much information about so many modalities, methods, approaches – all in one place. Thank you!

    I will recommend this blog to my sister, who lives in UK and loves Scotland and visits it quite often.

    This article raised my curiosity, since I’ve been having my bars run by a practitioner and as you’ve said it’s quite expensive to have it done on regular basis. Obviously I have been thinking about having a bar class, but I really don’t know with whom I could exchange them later on. Hence my question – how do you do a distance swap? I thought (until now) that bars can only be run and received in person. Could you please elaborate?

    Once again thank you for all the love and light,

    • Hi Joanna,

      I’m well thank you, and so glad you find my website helpful!

      How to run distance Bars? First, I’d like to explain that energy follows thought – I expect you’ve had the experience of thinking about a person, and soon after they get in touch. Experiments, such as those reported by “Lynne McTaggart”, have proved that our focused thoughts have an effect at a distance.

      One way to run distance Bars is to use a surrogate, such as a large teddy bear, or similar. I use a life size polystyrene head with the Bars points marked, that I also used when teaching Bars (you can see it “here”. You intend that the bear is the person for whom you wish to run their Bars. Then simply go through the Bars process on the surrogate.

      People who have learned Reiki are familiar with this approach for the distance version of that modality.

      I hope that helps,
      Well wishes, May

  2. I would just love to learn to do Bars – but I live down near Gloucester and find it difficult to travel. Do you know of anywhere nearer to me where I could learn this?
    Gabrielle Martin

    • Hi Gabrielle,

      You’ll find all the UK Bars FAcilitators on the Access Consciousness website My next Bars Training is Fri 30 Sep, just 5 mins from a station if that helps.

      Joyfully, May

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