Aurora Healing


Would you like to experience the power of the Aurora Healing Cave, a sacred space of expansion, light and harmony where the roots of discomfort dissolve, and new ways of living emerge?

I love taking people to the Aurora Healing Cave because I never know what’s going to happen! Resolution and insights. New hope. A heart-to-heart transfusion of love from Christ. Each healing session is unique – tailor made for you!

To me the Aurora Healing Cave appears with the aurora lights streaming in through the ceiling as colourful dancing lights. There’s a multitude of Higher Beings present, waiting to offer help. Healing uses elements of approaches I know, and more that are new to me. Usually it’s a delicious blend of energetic healings taking place simultaneously.

And your experience may be quite different!

Like to visit?

The Aurora Healing Cave is open to everyone! To visit:

  • Close your eyes and let your imagination to take you to the Aurora Healing Cave. If you like, ask your Angel or Guide to accompany you.
  • Notice how the Cave appears to you, and the Beings waiting to welcome and help you.
  • Make an intention for your healing.
  • Be open and trusting, and curious to see what unfolds for you …

Like me to guide you?

During a distance session I take you energetically to the Aurora Healing Cave where we set an intention for your healing and then trust and allow it to unfold …
One hour of Aurora Healing usually translates into one main session plus a later top-up.

Aurora Healing

 How did Aurora Healing come about?

The Aurora Healing Cave appeared to me during a Meditation Journey with my Spiritual Sisters in 2015. Since then it’s increasingly formed the basis for the healing sessions I offer. It seems that years of studying individual healing approaches synergised into a potent healing resource!

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