Dec 122014

Surya mudra for appetiteNow we’re into the Festive Season, it’s all too easy to over-indulge … then feel the discomfort, … and regret it!

So here’s a simple way to help you retune your appetite.

You’ll still be able to enjoy your favourite foods, but you won’t be so tempted into excess.

I like to think this finger posture is like resetting the thermostat in our lounge. When it gets too hot, I turn down the thermostat; when my appetite gets out of control, I reset it with my fingers!

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Nov 172011

For several years I started my day with a green smoothie, carefully avoiding juicing because I felt the fibre that’s discarded in juicing was good for me and also I didn’t want yet another kitchen gadget cluttering up my kitchen.

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Dec 222010

As the festive season approaches you’ll probably be bombarded with more food than at any other time of the year. For me all the dried fruit, nuts and chocolate are delicious and extremely tempting so I can easily overeat, only to suffer the consequences of feeling overly full and then lethargic once the sugar stimulus has passed.

This year I’ve become much more aware of my eating; so here’s the most powerful tip I use to eat well and feel good afterwards! Continue reading »

Jun 302010

Have you ever struggled with the discipline of rinsing your sprouts twice a day? Maybe forgotten, and had to throw the smelly mess away? Don’t despair, there’s an easy way to get all that live nutrition without only one rinse! Continue reading »