Feb 282015

 It’s so easy to do things, or not do things,Woman gazing into the future that our Future Self later regrets.

Like having that second helping, or succumbing to surfing the internet rather than exercising or meditating.


I recently emerged from a winter virus, and discovered I’d shed six pounds. Feeling so much more comfortable in my clothes with a trim waist, I made a conscious choice to stay that way.

Then, as my appetite gradually returned to normal the usual temptations presented themselves – another helping would be nice, ooh, chocolate – yum!

At the same time I was very conscious how easy it would be to regain those extra pounds. In a bid to stay comfortable, whenever I get a thought along the lines ‘I’ll just have another spoonful of hummus’ or ‘I fancy one of those biscuits … and then another’, I’m pausing to check in how I’ll feel in the future if I give in to temptation.

I pause, and ask myself:

What would my Future Self have to say?

And wait for the response … which always emerges, for example:

You won’t enjoy your meal so much if you nibble now.

You’ll feel more alive if you eat something fresh than a biscuit and cheese.

You don’t need to eat more just because other people are.

Some practices I’m aiming to adopt have also emerged, for example:

 If I overeat today, I’ll need to eat less tomorrow, maybe miss a meal – much easier to keep my eating on an even keel.

Better to put on my plate what I’m going to eat and stick with that, rather than graze through a meal.

Your insights will be different!

So far, so good – my waist is still trim. I know I’ll fall by the wayside from time to time, however having my Future Self remind me of the consequences will help me get back on track.

Of course you can also consult your Future Self about other aspects of healthy living such as exercise, time for yourself, your daily practices …



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