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As the festive season approaches you’ll probably be bombarded with more food than at any other time of the year. For me all the dried fruit, nuts and chocolate are delicious and extremely tempting so I can easily overeat, only to suffer the consequences of feeling overly full and then lethargic once the sugar stimulus has passed.

This year I’ve become much more aware of my eating; so here’s the most powerful tip I use to eat well and feel good afterwards!

If you think you’re inevitably going to overeat and you project all the associated feelings such as feeling over-full, a temporary high and then a lethargic slump and maybe some guilt, that’s what will most likely materialise for you. It’s the Law of Attraction at work – what you think about and feel manifests as your reality.

The trick here is to change your thinking and feelings in advance! You replace the old thinking and feelings with the positive thoughts and feelings you will have as you eat what your body needs and you feel great afterwards. For me this is a feeling of relief that I’ve eaten what my body needs, and the alertness and aliveness that comes from eating well.

To take this beyond positive thinking – which is hard work and often fizzles out, it’s best to experience the feeling of good eating when you’re in your sub-conscious mind. This enables you to access the extraordinary power of your subconscious that controls most of your activities. For example, once you learned to walk your sub-conscious mind took over, so you no longer need to consciously think how to walk.

How good would it be to reprogramme your sub-conscious mind so you automatically eat well too?

There are many ways to access your sub-conscious mind – where your brain is in the theta state – eg meditation, The One Command, Sedona Releasing, EFT etc. My Delicious Moment of Now, or simply asking yourself Am I Still Breathing? will help you quickly access your sub-conscious.

Taking a little time each day to feel the good feelings of eating well will automatically reprogram your sub-conscious to guide you to appropriate action so you actually eat well in practice. You don’t need to be concerned with how this works – simply raise your vibration to the good feelings of eating well while in your sub-conscious mind, and you will attract the reality of eating well.

Of course like learning to ride a bike you need a little discipline at first, until it becomes automatic and your sub-conscious takes over!

Any time you catch yourself feeling doubts or going back to your old feelings, take a minute or so to get into that meditative state, and feel the good feelings of eating well again. It won’t be long until your sub-conscious is running them for you, and as you experience the bliss of good eating, so you expect to eat well, and you’ve set up a virtuous circle!

Once your subconscious is reprogrammed the actions you need to take to eat well will come easily to you. You’ll find it easy to:

  • wait until you are hungry before you eat – perhaps by eating less between meals.
  • eat what your body needs – this may vary from day to day, and you may find some surprises. What Does Your Body Really Want To Eat?
  • recognise when you’ve eaten enough – rediscover your signal for ‘enough’!

Happy eating!

The Delicious Nugget: Just as you trained your sub-conscious to automate your walking, with a little effort you can train it to guide you to easily eat well.

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