Aug 152014

Step Back Start AgainTowards the end of the summer I noticed my hip was getting sore again, and I wasn’t sleeping so well.

This puzzled me, especially as I’d had plenty of time off on the west coast, spending much of it outdoors enjoying time with our daughter and grandson who’d been staying with us for a couple of months awaiting their house move. Continue reading »

Jun 102014

woman with knee painMy left knee had been sporadically painful for a few weeks, and I realized I’d once again irritated it by doing something wrong while practising Tai Chi, but I wasn’t sure quite what.

Fortunately for me, Tai Chi yielded the answer not only to the source of the pain, but also to an unexpectedly rapid recovery.  Continue reading »

May 062014

Urban people - woman commuter walking on escalatorYou’ve not been able to look over your shoulder for a while because your neck complains.

Periodically you spend time trying to figure it all out; what you did to initiate the pain, which part of your body is actually causing the pain, and what can you do to fix it?

Very understandable in our left brain culture with its focus on thinking and cause and effect! Continue reading »