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To my family’s frustration I can leave a box of chocolates unopened for months. However, once opened, I become a compulsive eater, the chocolates quickly disappear and my skin shows its disapproval.

Read on to find out how I now enjoy just one piece of chocolate!

I’ve had a few goes at ‘conscious’ or ‘mindful’ eating, which haven’t been too successful. Here’s the simple approach that works for me.

It can be fun to share this experience with friends. Taking your time is of the essence here, so make sure you have a few minutes of unhurried time when you won’t be distracted.

If you’re not a chocolate fan, try this with another food that you would like to eat less of – maybe a savoury, salty food.

1.      Savour with all your senses

Touch the chocolate, feel it, look at it, smell it – take your time to really connect to it with all your senses.

For me, taking the time to really absorb the smell of the chocolate is satisfying. It doesn’t stimulate my appetite in the same way as a cursory sniff, so sometimes this is enough and I no longer want to eat it!

What do you notice?

2.      Roll it around in your mouth

Now put the chocolate in your mouth, and without biting, roll it around with your tongue. Again, take your time with this.

For me, I notice the smoothness and the start of a creamy taste.

What do you notice?

3.      Chew and swallow

Now bite the chocolate, and chew it slowly until you’re ready to swallow.

For me, if it’s a good quality chocolate I enjoy the melting creaminess and flavour. With cheap chocolate I notice an artificial taste and too much sugar that I don’t like – no more of that, thank you!

What do you notice?

4.      Check if you want more

Finally, check to see whether you want more.

For me, I now find I’m satisfied with one chocolate, or one piece of a chocolate bar  – there’s simply no urge to eat more!

What does your check tell you?

You may find, like me, that one chocolate was enough. If you want more, eat the next chocolate in the same conscious way, and then check again. You’ll probably find you are satisfied well short of your usual ‘appetite’.

If you still want to eat the whole box, it’s probably time to see if you’re eating to dull uncomfortable emotions rather than satisfy your body’s needs. Watch out for another article on that!

The Delicious Nugget: Consciously eating chocolate, by slowly savouring it with all your senses, makes it more satisfying so you won’t want to eat so much of it. You may not want to eat it at all!

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  1. Wow, thank you so much for this! I can’t believe that no one else has commented yet…?? Well anyways, I am totally going to try this. Thanks again!

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