Feb 212014

Woman daydreamingWhen your health is out of balance, it’s all too easy to focus on your discomfort. It nags at you, pulling at your attention. You easily get drawn down the rabbit hole of doom and gloom, and things feel worse. Then your experience gets worse, and it seems impossible to dig yourself out of the hole.

One solution is to completely refocus your attention in the opposite direction; to what you would like to experience instead of your discomfort.  Continue reading »

Jul 032012

Many years ago, during a hectic period of my life, I learned to meditate for twenty minutes twice a day, as a survival mechanism.

Now I have a range of tools I use throughout the day, more as a way of living, which feels much more empowering.

Would you like to extend your use of tools and practices for healing and spiritual development through the day, so they become a way of living? Continue reading »

Jan 162009

Woman listeningWould you like to experience a quick and easy way to manifest the health you seek?

I’ll guide you through the six steps of commanding your health using The One Command to turn around your health issue.

You won’t need to take notes, I’ve done that for you in my Quick Start for The One Command.

So turn up your speakers, click on the arrow, sit back and enjoy!

Lasts 8 minutes

To Download right/option click, and Save.

To share how this went for you please click Continue reading »

Jan 162009

Abstract fractalThe One Command is a quick and easy way to manifest the improvement you’re seeking in your health. Using six easy steps you reprogramme your whole being to attract the health you seek.

You make your command while in the very relaxed theta state, so it comes from Source which has a much greater power and perspective than your mind. Continue reading »