You’re feeling stuck with your health, and now it’s really affecting your life.

You know you need to do something to get back to being able to do all the things you want, but it’s just not happening.

You really want to move forward, to take those vital steps to recover your health and your life. To lead a full and vibrant life.

You’d like someone to listen to your story. Someone who understands your situation through helping others like you.  Someone who can inspire you with new hope.  Someone to help you find the right path forward for you.

I’d like to offer you a 20 minute, free, no obligation consultation. We’ll explore your situation, and I’ll make some suggestions, including other healing methods if I sense they are more appropriate than mine.

We can connect by phone, Skype or FaceTime.

If you’d like to take up my offer, please give some details below. Then I’ll be in touch.

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