back pain frontside transparent backgroundOverview of Kinetic Chain Release (KCR)

Intrigued to know how my skeleton could be realigned in half an hour, I investigated KCR with a session from its founder, Hugh Gilbert. I wasn’t too surprised when my shoulders freed up, as they have both been frozen at different times in the past. However, discovering that my teeth closed fully and comfortably was a surprise, as I hadn’t been aware of an issue there! And so I ended up learning the KCR Protocol to help others realign their skeletons!

What is KCR?

Kinetic Chain Release is a unique sequence of mobilisations and stretches that bring about postural changes to rapidly bring the body back into balance.

Where does KCR come from?

Hugh Gilbert PT developed the KCR Protocol which comprises a unique sequence of 12 mobilisations and stretches taken from mainstream physical therapy. More info at:

Who can benefit from KCR?

KCR can alleviate many problems including: weak ankles, knee problems, hip and joint pain, pelvic discomforts, back, shoulder and neck pain, TMJ, headaches, snoring, chronic stress, fibromyalgia, lack of sleep, breathing difficulties, bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, teeth clenching. All these health issues can stem from the effects of an apparent leg length discrepancy, which KCR corrects to bring your body back into balance. Energy levels will increase dramatically once your body is in balance.
You’ve sought help or tried to help yourself, maybe things have improved a little, but not as much as you’d like. Or maybe you’re hiding away hoping the issue will sort itself out, but it’s still pretty much the same, or worse.

RebeccaI had to give up my job as a barber because I couldn’t rise from my bed because of the pain and fatigue of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.

KCR has improved that vastly; my body keeps loosening up and the pain is much less intense and less frequent, so I’m very pleased!

My husband sees a big difference in the way I move about – I’m less rigid and tight, and the stairs are easier. I was surprised how quickly I got relief, from day 1 of my treatments.

It’s weird; I also sleep better and wake up refreshed rather than groggy, something I’ve not felt in a long time. I’m not napping so much either. Altogether I’ve made great progress!

Rebecca Shaddick, Falkirk, Scotland

ZahirI had lower back pain at the end of every day that got worse and worse over the years.  I thought if this doesn’t get fixed I want to go in for surgery.

I was afraid KCR might be the same as the other treatments I’d tried, just helping for a while, but by the third session it was done, and has stayed that way!

I’ve realised that if I keep my spine in alignment the rest of it should take care of itself – it’s very simple.

I also realise how deep this is, it’s more than a quick fix, it’s returned suppleness back to may back. I’m not as stiff as I was working on the computers, and can sit in an ordinary chair again, it’s like winding the clock back 10 years!

I hadn’t played cricket for about 5 years, and I was terrified of bowling because I knew my arm was going to come over the top and straight down, and running and pounding uses all those muscles, but when I played I was fine.

I wanted to get back to the gym and started slowly at the home gym, then having waited a couple of weeks to see if I was still OK, I’ve now booked myself into the gym to start training in earnest again next week.

I keep recommending KCR to people who come into the shop with a sore back because it’s a great method of healing. I want the NHS to prescribe it! It’s a very short, sharp answer.

Zahir Haider, Computer Division, Stirling, Scotland

What happens during an in-person KCR session?

You lie fully clothed on a massage table while I perform a series of 13 joint mobilisations and muscle stretches to take your body back into balance. The movements follow a strict protocol that starts at your feet, and works up to your head. KCR does not use any adjustments or manipulation, and should not hurt, though you may experience some slight discomfort with one or two stretches. You are in charge of the session, and can ask me to stop at any time. Depending on your requirements, I may offer you some further stretches / mobilisations to help with specific joints or muscles, eg to correct tennis elbow, or a stiff neck. To arrange an in-person session, please Contact me.

margotIt’s difficult to find a therapy that’s non-invasive, and I was frightened KCR might make the pain in my back worse. I’d come to accept the pain.

It’s quite amazing! There was an incredible improvement from the first session.

Now there’s no pain getting in and out of the car, I can turn over in bed without thinking about it, and I sleep like a log, even going back like a light after I’ve been up in the night.

I also notice that where I would take my time going up stairs, now I just walk up normally, and my legs no longer ache when I’m walking. All this from two sessions!

And, unlike other treatments I’ve had, I feel energised after my sessions!

KCR has proved to me that my body was out of alignment, so I’m doing my exercises, and I’m now extra aware of my posture.

Margot Farrell, Dunblane, Scotland

Caroline PerrowI didn’t really know what to expect from my KCR session as I went along for some painless ‘clicking’ in my knee joints but as the universe would have it I overdid it in the garden two days before my session and injured my back. I was in pain and found it difficult to move and was a little wary of what the session would involved but was absolutely delighted not only with the results but the ease and flow of the session itself.

Within days (rather than weeks) I was free of back pain and immediately after my session I felt really grounded, centred and balanced – a huge plus for me as I often find it difficult to be grounded as I do a lot of therapy work myself.

The bonus was finding out that in balancing the length of my right and left legs (there was a half inch of a difference) my posture has greatly improved and I feel taller and slimmer !!! May is a truly gifted practitioner and I have had such fabulous results from KCR I will definitely be going again. Thank you May

Caroline Perrow, Cambuskenneth, Scotland

What should I do after my KCR session?

Two daily stretches will sustain the benefits of KCR, particularly the Calf Stretch. You will be shown these stretches as part of your KCR session.

Margaret McCathieI came to see May with a very sore lower back that severely limited my mobility. After the first session it felt slightly better and two days later I’d managed to do a big ironing standing up for an hour. I felt more upright and more aware of my body.

A couple more sessions helped the pain gradually ease and my walking improve. Then I had an X-ray and the result came back I have arthritis in my left hip and some degeneration of the spine due to age. However, after 5 KCR sessions I am now pain free and able to walk better, and have recommended KCR to others. Much gratitude to May.

Margaret McCathie, Stirling, Scotland

What happens after KCR?

Most people feel taller and brighter after their session; this may be an immediate sensation, or take a day or two to materialise. Some people feel a little tired for up to 2 weeks as their body adjusts.

How many sessions will I need?

To realign you posture or following injury, you are likely to need 1-3 sessions to return your body to balance. People in contact sports eg rugby, or in a job where they continually challenge their posture, may need ongoing ‘maintenance’ KCR. See Hugh Gilbert’s book The Early-Aging Work Force, for practical things you can do to overcome ongoing workplace challenges to your body.

Who should not have KCR?

Pregnant women – over 5 months until 6 weeks after giving birth.  People with severe osteoporosis.

What does it cost?

A KCR session near Stirling in Scotland, lasting an hour costs £50. At times sessions are also available in Kintyre. Please Contact me to arrange a session.

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