How Delicious Healing helps women worldwide get their life back

Delicious Healing will help you move through three steps to regain and maintain your health.

First, some help to jump-start your healing

When there’s something wrong with your body and it doesn’t heal of its own accord you’ve run out of the particular energy you need to heal. That’s when you need to refuel, so you can jump-start your healing process.

I’ll help you kick-start your healing by offering you a high level of energy which your body intelligence knows how to pick up to use for your best good.

You can receive this healing energy wherever you are. When you have a wonderful conversation on the phone with a loved one who is travelling in another country you feel lighter, happier, more energetic. This is more than just a mood shift, this is an example of energy being offered unconsciously. In a similar way healing energy travels worldwide.

So you can experience Delicious Healing in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Second, realise you are the healer

When you cut your finger your body automatically starts the healing process, and your cut heals up of its own accord.

How does this healing happen? Not through any outside intervention, but through a highly complex series of processes within your body, which our human mind does not fully understand.

At some unconscious level you allow this healing process to happen. No one else can carry out your healing for you, though they can help by offering the right environment or energy needed for it to happen. At the end of the day you decide whether or not to use the help offered; you are your own healer.

So, I do not ‘heal’ you, I help you to heal yourself.  I am not your ‘healer’, I am your ‘healing facilitator’.  But that’s rather a mouthful, which is why at times I still describe myself as a ‘healer’.

“A healer is someone who was sick and got well.”
Richard Gordon, founder of Quantum-Touch

Third, reclaim your own healing power

Once your healing has started, and you’re seeing some improvement, it’s time for you to reclaim your own healing power. This means connecting with an intelligence way beyond that of humans to source your healing, so you can let the power that made you be the power to heal you. You can achieve this connection through a range of healing modalities.

Nearly all the healing modalities I use are easy to learn and can be used on yourself. And they blend well with any other type of treatment you may be receiving.

If my approach resonates with you, I’d like to offer you a free taste of Delicious Healing through my Mini Healing ‘Ease Your Pain’.

Or, if you’re feeling unsure about Delicious Healing, check out How Full Is Your Life?

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