Jan 162009

Woman listeningWould you like to experience a quick and easy way to manifest the health you seek?

I’ll guide you through the six steps of commanding your health using The One Command to turn around your health issue.

You won’t need to take notes, I’ve done that for you in my Quick Start for The One Command.

So turn up your speakers, click on the arrow, sit back and enjoy!

Lasts 8 minutes

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  32 Responses to “A Delicious Moment of Commanding Health”

  1. Hello May, I just used your audio after stumbling on your site upon a search for One Command material. It was kind of amazing — I went very deep with it in that short amount of time. Thank you so much, and to Asara Lovejoy as well! Blessings to you.

  2. Hello,

    Does the one command work if i command for the betterment of my sister’s health?

    • Hi Varsha,

      My apologies for the delay replying, meanwhile I hope your sister’s health has improved by now.

      Commanding for someone else depends whether their Higher Self is open to receiving the Command. If possible I would ask her first, or encourage her to make the Command for herself. And I do know that’s not alway’s feasible for one reason or another.

  3. Do you have to always be standing or have your feet placed on the floor for the grounding part, or can you just imagine the grounding part in your mind about the feet reaching into the earth?

  4. Thank you for the one command, which I have just completed. Not sure I did it right – but I await the results with interest.

  5. Thank you very, very much

  6. May, what a lovely voice. Thank you for that experience and for your summary of the technique. Very helpful.

  7. Dear May,
    Hope your travels are safe and delightful.
    Thanks so much for this wonderful audio and written instructions. It has been a most empowering experience for me. May you be blessed for sharing this powerful but peaceful audio and download with everybody. Thanks, Maryna

    • Thanks, Maryna, I’m glad you had a good experience with The One Command, and hope you continue to use it for yourself. I receive your blessings with gratitude!

  8. Dear May,
    This was powerful, wonderful and healing. I want to share this with everybody i know and love! It would be foolish not to incorporate this Magic into my daily life, as some part of me just knows that this power is not just limited to healing of the physical body! Thank you once again,

    • Hi Maryana,

      You’re so right, you can use the power fo The one Command in all areas of your life, and it is magic!

      Joyfully, May

  9. Thank you for your wonderful 8-minute recording in a calm and soothing voice as well as for your clear instructions on how to use the One Command.

    I loved it and intend to use it for the different areas of my life and will let you know of my successes.

    I found the following typo in your article, “A Delicious Moment of Commanding Health” heading: Would you like to experience a quick and easy way to manfiest (should be ‘manifest’)the health you seek?

    I am an English Language Editor who can’t help picking up typos along the way and letting people know.



    • Ravi, I’m so pleased you loved my recording, and look forward to hearing your successes!

      Thanks for noticing the typo – now corrected!
      Joyfully, May

  10. Thank you. It was a wonderful experience. I would like to ask if this is just for health issues or can be used for weight loss and to attract, something I urgently need now, a buyer for my house.
    I am so excited to have been drawn to your site today.
    In Love and peace Karen

    • Karen, I’m so pleased you enjoyed the experience! Yes, you can use The one Command for anything you want to manifest, so I wish you success commanding for a buyer for your house.
      Joyrully, May

  11. Thank you, this was a wonderful validation for something I am doing before I go to sleep at night.Instead of the golden rod I am riding a golden horse. I truly believe in this healing.

  12. Hi May,
    I used a command specific to a health condition I have been working on for some time. I will be excited to see if this works. I have nearly given up several times when promised remedies did not work. I’ll let you know how it goes. Thank you for sharing this technique and the audio directions through the process.

    • Hi Conny,

      Thanks for your feedback, I’ll be interested to hear how you get on.

      While some people are able to allow themselves to see the manifestation of their Command immediately, we often need to do further Commands on the blocks we hold, such as doubt and limiting beliefs.

      For more on this, you may find it helpful to check out Three Ways To Ensure Your One Command Blossoms.

      Joyfully, May

  13. Hi May.. Thank you for your 8 minutes clear and concise audio on the one command..it’s really helpful, but if you don’t mind, I have one query: After I go to theta can I release many commands or is it better only one command at a time and then I go back from the beginning to Ground, Align. Go to theta…..then ask for another command. From your experience, What do you think works best? Thanks and Regards

    • Glad to hear it was helpful!

      Sure you can make several commands as once, though when people are starting I think it’s best to focus on one command at first.

      I often find that when I’m expanded (ie in a more aware state) further developments of my original command come into my awareness, and I make them.

      So, I’d say it’s good to make more than one command if they are rleated.

      Hope that helps.


  14. Thank you! concise & helpful – I feel back on track again!

  15. Hi Joanna

    Thank you for this wonderful resource. I have been looking everywhere for audio guide for the 6 steps from the one command. I have us completed the process and must say that the audio was perfect and your voice very calming and easy to listen to.


  16. Thank you May! Your voice and instruction are totally clear on my computer. Interestingly- I followed the whole set of instructions except without a specific command- just a feeling of openess and peace-and feel more open and peaceful.
    I am going to tell others about the resource you have provided here and I will return for more myself!
    Thanks again!

    • Joanna, I’m pleased you found listening without making a command helpful – hand’t thought of it being used that way!

      And, yes, please do tell others – just as Gary Craig gifted EFT to the world, Asara Lovejoy has made a great gift with The One Command.

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