Healing Methods

Please use this page to explore the various healing methods I use to help people resolve their health issues.

If you’re attracted to a particular healing method, from the list below, let me know and we’ll work with it.

Or, if you prefer,  I will blend together healing methods specially for you!

To arrange an in-person session, please Contact me.

Buy distance Sessions here.

Aurora Healing

Distance healing in the Aurora Healing Cave that goes beyond techniques. Find out more.


An effective way to erase redundant thoughts, emotions and beliefs by touching 32 points on the head. Find out more.

Intentional Resting

A quick way to move from stress to rest, and the automatic healing that brings to body and mind. Find out more.

Kinetic Chain Release (KCR)

A unique protocol of gentle stretches and mobilisations that realign your skeleton from ankle to head in just 10 minutes! Find out more.


Sacred symbols that are programmed with Divine energy to alleviate a range of conditions Find out more.

The One Command®

An expanded form of Law of Attraction using six easy steps to expand your health intention into its greatest capacity and imprint it through your being.  Find out more.

Reconnective Healing®

Reconnects you to the healing power of high level light, energy and information. Find out more.

The Sedona Method®

A method of resolving issues by asking yourself simple questions which help you let go of unwanted emotions, and often leads to improvement in physical health. Find out more.

Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT)

A simple and powerful way to move forward from being ‘stuck’. You simply hold the TAT pose while you put your attention on a series of statements that lead to profound healing. Find out more.

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