Feb 212014

Woman daydreamingWhen your health is out of balance, it’s all too easy to focus on your discomfort. It nags at you, pulling at your attention. You easily get drawn down the rabbit hole of doom and gloom, and things feel worse. Then your experience gets worse, and it seems impossible to dig yourself out of the hole.

One solution is to completely refocus your attention in the opposite direction; to what you would like to experience instead of your discomfort.  Continue reading »

Aug 302012

Have you been Resting, and spontaneously found yourself blending in a little something from another healing modality? Or, perhaps you’ve been using another healing method, and found yourself blending in some Resting? I have, and I’ve heard from several readers who’ve been blending their Resting. Here’s what we’ve been up to. Continue reading »

Jan 212011

Just as your kitchen soon gets cluttered if you don’t put the rubbish out every week, so your head is continually gathering clutter in the form of redundant thoughts, beliefs and judgements. Having had my Bars run regularly for over a year, I recently experienced the uncomfortable results of getting out of the habit, followed by the bliss of regaining a clear head. Continue reading »