May 072015

Mother and son running on beach smilingMELTing continues to be full of surprises for me!

I was amazed at the immediate reverse ageing effects, and five months on the benefits continue.

Now, I’m wondering what else may be in store!

Recently I had a two day gardening blitz including emptying the compost heap, and to my surprise I had no aches or pains the following days. MELTing really is rejuvenating my fascia (connective tissues), so they are more fluid and this in turn has made my muscles and joints more aligned and flexible.

Just last week I learned the last (for me) of the MELT sequences – for the lower back. To my amazement after doing this sequence just once the stiffness in my lower back disappeared.

A couple of days later I was running with my grandson, and noticed my lower back was buoyant – the jarring thud had gone! I may be able to keep up with young Alfie for a year or two yet!

I now realise that the lower back tension started several years ago, when I locked tension into my connective tissue. I had returned to yoga classes after a ten year break, and rashly assumed I could still stretch as much as before. I kept forcing myself too far into back bends even though they hurt my lower back. ‘Pride comes before a fall!’  😥

This experience showed me how easy it is to store tension in the fascia through day to day activity, and how quickly MELT can release that tension.

If you’re wondering how you too can MELT away stress from your fascia you can:

Enjoy your reverse ageing with MELT!

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