Do any of these situations sound familiar?

You’re fed up not being able to do things you normally take for granted. Small things like cleaning the kitchen surface, lifting the shopping in or tying your shoelaces. Or bigger things like doing the garden, walking any distance, driving your car, or even holding down your job.

You’re in physical pain or discomfort. A sore shoulder, back, knee or some other part of your body is sometimes, or often, in pain. And the pain takes the edge off your life. You know things will feel better once the pain goes, but so far it hasn’t.

You’re finding it difficult to cope with emotional pain. Separation, divorce or being made redundant has left you exhausted as you rethink the same cycle of thoughts over and over again. And your confidence has taken a nose-dive.

Certain situations make you anxious. Things that seem easy to other people like making a decision, or giving a talk upset your balance. Or the thought of going out, being in a crowd or flying scares you stiff. You get anxious about the prospect of being anxious – it’s a vicious circle.

I was really terrified and felt physically ill at the thought of flying, particularly the build up beforehand which was horrendous. I’d tried all sorts of methods that didn’t work.

May likened my holding onto my fear to holding onto a pencil; I could choose whether or not to let it go. She asked me a series of questions which seemed very simplistic, but I went along with her.

Suddenly I realised it was my choice to let go of the fear. It was like a light bulb swtching on! I realised the fear was inside me, not from the outside at all, and I let it go.

When I did fly a couple of weeks later I had no apprehension at all, and was actually looking forward to testing out the method to see if it worked, and it did! Now I use the method for other situations where I feel apprehension.

Margot Farrell, Dunblane, Scotland

You’re hoping things will sort themselves out, and you’ll feel better soon. But you realise you’ve been thinking that for a long time now, and things are still pretty much the same. Getting better just doesn’t seem to be happening.

The bottom line is you feel your life is hampered, and you want to get back to normal living.

My approach works for:

  • mothers
  • women who care for others
  • working women
  • retired women

And it works best if you’re open to:

  • taking responsibility for your own health
  • the possibility that you can heal (though it often works for sceptics too!)
  • the possibility that healing energy can travel from one place to another

Perhaps you’re unsure about healing energy travelling from me in Scotland to you? See what happens when you experience my Free mini-healing ‘Ease Your Pain’.

Or, if you’d like to find out how Delicious Healing works, click on    My approach.

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