Access Bars™ – an overview

Ready to dive right in?

If so, I invite you to listen to my audio ‘Open Up To Healing With The Healing Bar!

My daughter was having a painful ear and nothing seemed to work other than playing your Healing Bar Audio. Thank you so very much.


Otherewise, please read on…

What is it?

The Bars is a process of lightly touching 32 points on your head to remove redundant thoughts, beliefs, judgements and points of view – rather like cleaning up the hard drive of your computer! As you reclaim the energy that was locked in these ‘old files’, you’ll feel progressively calm and  energised. Many people say they feel more space in their head – as if it’s been decluttered! How does it get any better than that?

Access Bars is the foundation tool from Access ConsciousnessTM


Here’s a 4 minute video ‘Access Bars Explained Simply’:

What happens in a Bars session?

Here’s a 3 minute insight into What it’s like to receive a Bars session:

For an ‘in-person’ Bars session, you lie fully clothed, on your back.  A series of points on your head are lightly touched – each for several minutes. You relax, as those redundant ‘files’ and ‘programmes’ are automatically ‘deleted’ from your system.

At the end, as a minimum,  you’ll feel relaxed and calm, as if you’ve had a good massage.

Joyce MurdochThat Bars session was amazing! I have more energy and am more focused and positive-feeling. I just feel very good within myself. And my sinuses are much better!

Joyce Murdoch, Argaty, Scotland

For a ‘distance’ Bars session, you lie quietly while I run your Bars, or I can set them to run overnight.

Diva DiazI asked Diva Diaz (pictured),  an Access Consciousness Facilitator based in London, to run my Bars here in Scotland, and waited for us to arrange a time. I’d been waking up feeling pretty tired for over a week.

Much to my surprise I woke up early the next morning feeling completly refreshed and energised. It was only when I checked my emails that I discovered Diva had set my Bars to run overnight!

That experience got me hooked!

Like a taste?

To experience having one of your 32 Bars run, please listen to my recorded session ‘Open Up To Healing With The Healing Bar’.


If you have questions about the Bars, please check out my Blog articles on the Bars through the links below,  or  Contact me.

Book a session

Available in person Bridge of Allan, near Stirling Scotland, or ‘at a distance’ by Skype or phone worldwide.

I thought you might like to know I have so, so much energy, have cleaned every room in my house thoroughly and am on my way to the garden!!!!

Flora Adam, Dunblane, Scotland.

May and I exchanged long-distance bars at the end of a week in which I had been peeling myself out of bed in the mornings feeling extremely lethargic and unmotivated. I’d tried several things to change this eg going to bed earlier, changing what I eat and nothing was changing!

After our Bars session my head was totally clear and a wonderful feeling of peace came over me which just got better and better that day. Amazing!

Sandrine Leveque, Toulouse, France

I didn’t notice anything really different on Tuesday – then had an amazing dream filled sleep. As was last night. I also felt like going for a run yesterday, the first time in ages. I’d say that that was a direct result of the Bars and now I feel a lot less lethargic and more like my dynamic self (who has been missing for a while).

Alison McVey, Dunblane, Scotland

To arrange an in-person session, please Contact me.

For a distance session, we arrange a one hour slot that suits you, and talk by Skype or phone at the start and end of the session. You relax in a warm, comfortable, undisturbed place while I run your Bars.

Bars While You Sleep sessions are another option, though I recommend you have a full one hour session first. Have your Bars run during your sleep on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of the week you choose for £60.

Good evening May

I am feeling even better today. I certainly get a sense of increased focus and a lot less turmoil after the Bars this week.
Thanks again, Lorraine Grant, Glasgow

Buy distance Sessions or Bars While You Sleep  here.

How do I learn to run Bars?

You can go to a one day Bars Training – listed on the Access Consciousness website.

If you prefer to learn at home, or better still with a friend, here are a couple of Access Consciousness resources that teach you to run Bars:

Video demo
and chart


 Can I run my own Bars?

Indeed you can! However, having someone run your Bars for you is much more potent, so it’s good to find a Practitioner, or set up swaps with other people who have learned to run Bars.


Browse my Bars articles.

The Bars is the basis of Access Consciousness, which provides a set of tools and processes you can use to change anything in your life that isn’t working.

Here’s the Access mantra, try saying it ten times each day when you wake up:

All of Life comes to me with ease, joy and glory.

And the book I recommend to get started with Access Consciousness is:

Being You,  Changing The World, by Dain Heer, Co-Creator of Access (available from Amazon).

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