Apr 242015

Whirlpool, blue rotational motionI’ve found an easy way to reverse some of the common symptoms of ageing, things like stiff joints, a sore hip, and dry skin – these and more gone like magic!. All in around 10 minutes a day of pain free moves.

I wasn’t looking to rejuvenate, this age reversal was the surprising, and of course very welcome, effect of investigating the fascia or connective tissue, in my body, and finding the MELT® Method. Continue reading »

Nov 182014

3D white people. Resting on a check markI’m regularly ‘Noticing & Resting’ to magically dissolve issues on the spot! I’ve come full circle – and with a deeper understanding – to an evolution of an approach I first learned fifteen years ago!

The Sedona Method – the basis of Noticing & Resting – was one of the first healing approaches I learned. After a weekend workshop of letting go of feelings my stress level, and associated physical symptoms including migraines, would disappear, and my energy level soar – so much so that people told me I looked different! Continue reading »

Feb 102011

TATLifeTAT is a simple, yet profound, way to help you get unstuck from your health issue. It  involves following 7 steps, while holding the ‘TAT Pose’.

My TAT Audio will guide you effortlessly through a TAT session.

Dedicated to my grandson  Alfie James who, along with his Mum, experienced TAT as he was born at 7.21pm on 6 February 2011. Continue reading »

Jan 162009

Abstract fractalThe One Command is a quick and easy way to manifest the improvement you’re seeking in your health. Using six easy steps you reprogramme your whole being to attract the health you seek.

You make your command while in the very relaxed theta state, so it comes from Source which has a much greater power and perspective than your mind. Continue reading »

Feb 132008

The Sedona method is an amazingly quick way to let go of negative emotions, and allow the positive, happy you which is always there below the surface, to emerge and shine.

Have you noticed how easily a baby moves from one emotion to another? One minute the baby is crying because she is too hot. The next minute, after her blanket is removed, she is beaming smiles. She let her feeling of anger at being too hot float away like a cloud. Continue reading »

Oct 242007

EFT is very quick and easy to use. You can learn to use The Basic Recipe in about 10 minutes using the following steps.

1. Decide the issue you want to work on.

EFT is most effective when you work on a specific event, or a circumstance that triggers your discomfort. For example:

My fear when the spider ran across the carpet today (rather than ‘My fear of spiders’).

The knot I got in my stomach when I spoke to my boss last week (rather than ‘The knot in my stomach’). Continue reading »