Get my mini-healing session ‘Ease Your Pain’ here!

My mini-healing session is a recorded 18 minute audio you can access right now from this website!

From 100 people who gave feedback after listening:

  • 83% said they had less pain by the end of the session
  • 88% said they benefitted in other ways too – mainly by becoming more ‘relaxed’, ‘calm’ and ‘peaceful’

While you listen I’ll be sending you healing energy, and at the same time I’ll introduce you to three simple self-healing techniques to help you ease your pain….

May, I feel MUCH better this morning – YAY!!! I finally slept and then did meditation. Feels like the sadness lifted. Thanks.

Joanna Rueter, Vermont, USA

I had an annoying tension headache when I started (pain level 4) and it vanished. Thank you!

Michael Ehling, Toronto, Canada 

Lo and behold! I woke next morning feeling marvellously energetic.  The feeling of lightness and capability continued through the day and I suddenly became aware of feeling HAPPY rather than just so-so.

Rosanna Ismail, Dehradun, Uttar Pradesh, India

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