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woman-with-question-markIf you have a persistent health issue, you may be inadvertently feeding it! Find out how to notice the signs, and ways to move your focus from the problem to the solution.

When you have a sore back it draws your attention, you may feel sorry for yourself, talk about it to your family and friends, notice the pain again and a cycle of negative feelings is born.

‘What you focus on persists’, so the more you dwell on your sore back, the longer it is likely to stay sore.

Signs you may be feeding your problem

Here are some signs that you could be feeding your health problem:

  • Your health problem has persisted for a while.
  • You find yourself thinking about it often
  • You discuss health problems a lot with your friends
  • You feel anxious as you consider your health problem
  • There doesn’t seem to be any way forward

All these activities absorb valuable energy which your body could be using to heal itself.

One approach to resolving your sore back is to quit focusing on the problem, and move your attention to the solution. So rather than feed the problem, you start feeding the solution. When you focus on the solution you raise your mood, the universe responds and sends you signs or ideas to resolve your health issue. You’ll find your energy increases too as it’s no longer being zapped by the problem!

Three ways to feed your health solution

Here are three ways to move your focus to your health solution.

1. Spend time with healthy, optimistic people

You pick up the energy of people you spend time with, so whenever possible make sure you’re in the company of people who do things to keep healthy, and have positive conversations. If you have to spend time with less optimistic people, try to avoid feeding from their pessimism. Aim to introduce more positive points of view.

2. Use The One Command to switch your focus to the solution

Use my  Quick Start for The One Command to switch your focus from the problem to the solution using a command along the lines:

“I don’t know how, I focus my attention on nurturing my improved health, I only know I do so now, and I am grateful.”

3. Choose and use a technique to neutralise any emerging doubts

As you focus more on the solution, your ego may make a last ditch attempt to perpetuate your old ways, resulting in some negative thoughts or feelings. Sometimes they come up in stages, like layers of an onion.

The solution is to equip yourself with a method to quickly release or neutralise these feelings as they arise, so they are only temporary hurdles. EFT, The Sedona Method and The One Command are three quick-to-learn methods, introduced in my Quick Start Guides.

The Delicious Nugget: When you focus on your health problem you are feeding it, so it’s likely to persist. Turning your focus to a solution will attract circumstances and ideas to improve your health, raise your energy level and empower you!

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