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When you first start to access your awareness, or intuition, you may find it tricky to recognise your signal for being ‘tuned in’ to what’s true for you.

This is hardly surprising as you’re re-discovering a sense you’ve not used for a long time – maybe not since childhood! 

While there are many ways to sense what’s true for you, including dowsing and muscle testing, we’re going to focus on sensing the energy directly. This has the advantage that you can use it in your moment to moment living, for example to check:

  • a menu choice – pasta? salad?
  • your response to a friend’s suggestion – accept? decline?
  • shopping – blue T shirt? red T shirt?

While these may seem like minor choices, aligning with your being helps you feel good, which contributes to your overall health!

You can also check the energy of bigger choices like:

  • which method of healing – EFT? TAT? something else?
  • which approach – self healing? facilitated healing session? a mix?
  • timing – this week? next week?

Your energy system has a way to signal clearly what’s true for youit’s just a question of recognising and tuning in to your personal signal. Here’s an easy way to do just that.

First, say to yourself – either in your head or out loud:

“Truth, my name is <insert YOUR REAL NAME>”

Take your attention inside – some people like to drop their awareness into their heart area – and check how saying your real name makes you feel….

Many people find that saying their name (a truth) makes their energy feel’ light’ or ‘expansive’. Others tell me they feel ‘empowered’ or ‘strong’. Your signal may well be something different – be open to receive it in whatever way it comes to you.

Do this a few times, to get the idea of moving your focus inside, and noticing how the statement makes you feel.

This is your signal for a ‘truth’ for you – something that aligns with your being.

Second, say to yourself:

“Truth, my name is LESLEY SHARPLES”  or some other ‘false’ name.

And check how that makes you feel …

Many people find saying a false name (a ‘lie’) makes their energy feel heavy or contracted, while others experience different responsess, such as ‘awkward’, ‘weak’, ‘restrictive, etc.

Again, do this a few times, to get a clear idea of your signal for a ‘lie’ – something that’s out of alignment with your being.

Once you’ve found your signals, remember them by mentally filling in the phrase below:

A truth feels _______  , a lie feels _______ .

Eg  A truth feels lighter, a lie feels heavier.

Eg  A truth feels empowering, a lie feels awkward.

With a little practice, you’ll soon become adept at checking what’s true for you. It’s a good idea to start with small things, rather than major life choices!

The Delicious Nugget: Recognise your signals for ‘truths’ and ‘lies’ by noticing the effects on your energy system of saying your own name followed by a false name.

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  2 Responses to “Tuning Into What’s True For You”

  1. thank you my dear!!
    As everything comes in the right time, you give me this suggestion right when I needed!!! I learned this method to be used for Muscle Testing, never thought to use directly to check energy or truth.
    I will practice immediately!!

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