Nov 132012

I wonder if you’re getting the full benefits from Intentional RestingTM? Here are a couple more tips that have helped me Rest more fully.

If you’re new to Resting, you may like to start with my Quick Start for IntentionalTM Resting, and then come back to these tips.

Count your breath to Rest for 30 seconds

Years ago, our Speakers Club had a ‘Topics’ session when we had to speak ‘impromptu’ for 2 minutes on a topic pulled from a hat. That’s when I found out how long 2 minutes can be!

Remembering that, when I first started Resting I timed my 30 seconds. Then I started to guess when 30 seconds was up. Then I began to realise that when time was short and I was Resting ‘on the hoof’, I was collapsing my 30 seconds down dramatically – by about half I discovered!

It’s important to Rest for 30 seconds to allow the stress to unwind, so I now count my breaths to ensure I don’t move on too quickly.

Checking with my watch, I discovered that I breathe in and out 5-6 times in 30 seconds, so now I make sure I Rest for at least 6 breaths. I’m quite a slow breather, so it may be more breaths for you.

Of course, when I have more time, I often Rest deeply, and go way beyond 30 seconds, and that’s just fine!

Allow your body to unwind the stress

When you Rest you unwind some of the stress that you’ve accumulated, and at least some of that stress is likely to have been stored in your body.

So, during, or after, Resting be open to allow your body to physically unwind the stress. This may take the form of wriggling, shaking your arms or legs, gently moving a shoulder, rotating your head, or any other movement that comes to you.

I hope these tips help you Rest more fully.

The Nugget: Ensure you’re Resting fully: by counting the number of breaths that occupy 30 seconds; and allowing your body to move and dissipate the stress when it wants to.

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