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Your body has innate wisdom, consciousness and healing power. You can tap into this power by simply listening to what your body has to tell you. Trouble is, many of us have allowed our minds to over-ride our body’s requirements, and now our bodies are complaining!

Your body has been your faithful companion all your life; doesn’t it make sense to tune into her needs? After all your body is unique, so who better to tell you what will keep her (or him!) happy and healthy

So, when did you last listen to your body? I mean really listen to what your body needs, rather than you decide what you think your body wants to eat/drink/wear, what exercise she will benefit from, when and for how long she needs to sleep, whether it would be most rewarding for her to walk by the river or in the woods, and so on?

This begs the question of how to listen to your body; fortunately there are several ways to do this. They are all variations on the theme of tapping into your body’s wisdom, just as you can tune into a radio station using different wavelengths. For many years I used dowsing and muscle testing to check what resonated for my body, and these are excellent methods to pursue.

Nowadays I talk directly with my body. For me this has the advantage of gaining information from my body that I may never find through questions that require Yes/No responses.

For example, rather than check out: yoga / jogging / Pilates / Psychocalisthenics in turn, I simple ask her what exercise she would like to do, and she may say ‘I want to go dancing’, which I hadn’t even considered.

To talk to my body, I focus inside and relax with a couple of deep breaths. On a deep outbreath,  I silently say to myself ‘be the breath’, and this instantly takes me to a very still place of consciousness.

Other ways to get to that place of knowingness include: rolling your eyes up to go into the theta state, as used in The One Command, or taking the TAT Pose. The firstI got talking to my body was was during a TAT session, so if you’re a TAT person, you might like to take the TAT Pose while inviting your body to talk to you.

Then I simply say ‘Hello Sula’ (she told me her name the first time we talked), and in my mind’s eye appears a dancing, energetic being – very much like a fairy. We then have a conversation, which for me is very much like talking to a person. You may find you communicate in other ways, eg through images or sensations or insights.

An important key is to trust whatever comes to you first as you listen to your body, however strange it may seem.

To build your confidence it’s also a good idea to practice often, with small things. As you follow through with what your body needs and she gets happier and healthier, you’ll want to keep talking to her!

How to follow through with what your body needs, rather than allow your mind and emotions to over-ride her requirements? That will need to be another article!

The Delicious Nugget: Your body knows best what she needs. Relax, invite your body to tell you what she needs, and trust what comes up.

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