The One Command®– an overview

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Quick Start for The One Command

If you’re ready to have a go, or just need a reminder, check out my Quick Start Guide.

What is it?

The One Command  is an expanded form of the Law of Attraction (LOA). It’s a simple, powerful and effective way to make changes in your life. Of course these changes include your health, so I call it ‘Commanding Health’!.

Hi May, just to let you know that my cough is a lot better, and my breathing is excellent. I no longer get out of breath which was quite common for me.

Karen Wallace, Sauchie, Scotland

The One Command goes beyond other forms of LOA by:

  • including the words ‘I don’t know how’ – so negative thinking, which often gets in the way, is blocked
  • going instantly into the theta state – the state of deep meditation & creativity
  • expanding your command in Source – where you access power and insights way beyond the human brain
  • releasing old beliefs and reprogramming the whole of your being including your DNA.

All of this is achieved in six easy steps!

Kate JohnstoneI’m getting on very well with the One Command, using the shortform when I walk. Using The One Command gets me into a lovely zone, and I use it to keep me in a positive and relaxed state of mind.

It got me through two presentations, when loads of other things were happening in my life. I didn’t rush to have them over and done with, as I usually would. Both presentations went really well!

Kate Johnstone, Doune, Scotland

What happens in a session?

First we clarify what’s not working with your health, then we turn that round to identify what you would like, and use the six steps of the One Command to bring your new health state to fruition.

To arrange an in-person session, please Contact me.

Buy distance Sessions here.


This Command is working really fast! By the next morning (Wednesday), the rash and redness on my forearms had resolved by at least 50%! I was very pleasantly surprised. When this reaction flares up it usually takes a long time and a lot of effort on my part to get that kind of resolution. And never so quickly.

Today is Friday, and I really have to look to find the hives on my left forearm. All the redness is gone, and the itching. I have been careful of sun exposure for a very long time, I generally will burn within 15 minutes if the sun is very intense. Sunburn with an allergic reaction is not a pleasant experience.

I have also had red patches under both eyes for many years. I currently have one little red spot under my left eye left. I never expected to have resolution of those spots under my eyes!

In all the years I have been working on my inner healing, I have seldom had anything resolve this quickly. Especially with so little effort or pain on my part! And this time I know it is “fixed” for good.

Thank you soooo much! Words are really inadequate for gratitude I feel towards finding this technique and you as willing helper on my quest for healing.

Cassandra Pike, Massage Therapist, Kirkland, Wa, USA

How do I learn it for myself?

You can start right now with:

If you’d like to fast track your progress, join me individually for Healing Sessions.

To support all these approaches,  I suggest you read the book ‘The One Command’ by Asara Lovejoy available from Amazon.


My command was “I can breathe deeply, freely and easily” – because at that time I had a respiratory infection.

Although the infection cleared up, that didn’t seem sufficient success (just gone back to normal) so I didn’t report it.

However….. on Saturday I went to Edinburgh for a meeting I go to each quarter. Each time, I have to walk from Waverley Station to the top of the Mound and I have always arrived at my destination breathless and exhausted on previous visits.

This time …. I breathed deeply and freely and easily and arrived not even “out of breath” – nice one!!

Aileen Maxwell, Dunblane, Scotland

How May uses it in Delicious Healing

In my Healing Sessions, I use The One Command alongside other healing modalities to help clients create the health improvements they seek.

Or, if you prefer, we can focus entirely on using The One Command in your sessions.


Encouraged by May’s example of her workload becoming manageable, I went home and did a command for how I was going to get time to type up 60 pages of notes from a meeting that when I looked at them day before I couldn’t even read my own writing and was getting very stressed about it all.

This had to be done on top of my full day’s workload – it was impossible.

I went into work and was asked to cover a different role for 2.5 hours (for the first time ever) which meant I basically had 2 hours free and managed to type up over half the notes during this time!. Amazing!

Rona Fraser, Dunblane, Scotland


Asara’s book – The One Command, Asara Lovejoy.

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