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Refresh greenDo you sometimes feel that – like your computer – your energies have got scrambled or lost their power?

How would you like to refresh your energies  in just five minutes, just as you refresh your internet browser?

Daily life can quickly scramble your energy, send it flowing the wrong way, and block the flow of your meridian and lymphatic systems. These disruptions lead to adverse effects such as poor concentration, fatigue, fuzzy thinking, and when the disruptions become chronic they may result in illness.

Donna Eden has distilled her extensive knowledge of Energy Medicine into a 5 minute routine
which will unscramble your energies, relieve stress, boost your energy, help you function better, and perhaps nip illness in the bud.

In this 8 minute video Donna demonstrates her 5 Minute Energy Routine, which comprises six techniques. With a little practice, you’ll be refreshing your energies in just 5 minutes, and like me won’t want to miss a day!

You can do the techniques in any order.

You can focus on the techniques you feel will particularly help you.

This video alone is enough for you to learn the routine.  If you’d like to know more, read on…

The techniques in detail

For the whole routine:

  • Breathe deeply: in through your nose, and out through your mouth.
  • Massage points firmly. Sore points indicate blocks, so you may want to spend longer on them.

1. The Three Thumps

To get your energy flowing in the right direction, energise you, and boost your immune system.

  • While breathing deeply, thump, tap or massage: K27, Thymus & Spleen points several times each.

See Donna teaching The Three Thumps:  Part 1: K27 &  Thymus; Part 2:  Spleen

2. The Cross Crawl

To think more clearly and improve coordination.

  • Exaggerated march on the spot, say 20 times.

See Donna teaching The Cross Crawl.

3. The Wayne Cook Posture

To unscramble your energies.

  • Place one leg across the other knee, hold your ankle and foot and take 6 deep breaths as you lift your body and legs. Put your legs down.
  • Form your hands into church pose, and repeat the breathing and lifting.
  • See the variation on the video if you’re unable to do this.

See Donna teaching The Wayne Cook Posture

4. The Crown Pull

To release mental congestion.

  • With finger tips facing and forming a vertical line, press into the centre of your forehead and pull it apart.
  • Repeat moving your hands back over the centre line of your head.

See Donna teaching The Crown Pull

5. Neurolymphatic Flush

To energise, and clear toxins and stagnant energies.

If you’re not sure quite where the points are, move around a little to find a tender point. Any points that are more tender indicate blockages, so you may want to spend longer massaging them.

Breathe deeply and massage firmly:

  • Heart and Governing points below your clavicle.
  • the groove between the arm and front of your body, on each side (Central meridian)
  • down the middle of your sternum (Lung)
  • down each side of the sternum, between your ribs (Lungs & Gall Bladder)
  • with thumbs, half moon under your breasts, from each side to centre (Liver & Spleen)
  • bottom of your rib cage, from centre to sides (Small Intestine)
  • spleen points, below your bra line (chaps please imagine!), and in from the side of your body
  • points one inch above and one inch  out from belly button (Kidney)
  • points one inch to side of your belly button (Triple Warmer)
  • along the top of your pubic bone (Bladder)
  • down outsides of legs along trouser seam line, from hip to knee (Large Intestine)
  • with thumbs down inside of legs along trouser seam, from groin to knee, (Small Intestine)

See Donna teaching The Neurolymphatic Flush

6. The Zip Up

To feel confident and protect your energies.

  • Use your fingers to ‘zip up’ from pubic bone to bottom lip, and ‘lock’ at the top.

See Donna teaching The Zip Up

For more information, see:

Donna Eden’s book ‘Energy Medicine’,
Donna’s website, InnerSource.

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