Jan 082013

This year, rather than a New Year’s Resolution, I’ve chosen to follow a theme I’m calling ‘Vibrant Living’. For me, a theme offers a more holistic approach, and also gives scope for adjustment as the year unfolds.

I wonder what your theme might be?

While specific Resolutions, like eating more raw food and daily meditation, have helped me enormously in the past, I’ve now come to appreciate the bigger picture of my health, so I’m choosing to follow several threads for vibrant living. I expect the synergy to yield more vibrant health, and more energy!

The six threads I’ve chosen are:

  • Movement (particularly rotational movement, as in Tai Chi)
  • Resting (not ‘doing’ anything – a great way to unwind stress!)
  • Hydration (to nurture all my cells and wash out toxins)
  • Deep breathing (so my body has enough oxygen)
  • Updating my beliefs (to enable me to achieve my desires with ease)
  • Connection to the Inner Me (following my ‘Inner GPS’)

The first four threads have a body focus, and form a valuable backdrop to both healing and healthy living.

Updating my beliefs will keep me emotionally healthy, while connecting to the Inner Me keeps me on track spiritually.

And apart from updating my beliefs, which is relatively new for me, I’ve used all the threads extensively in the past, but often on a ‘one track basis’. So the habits are there, it’s more a question of reinvigorating some, and pulling them together into my daily life.

Apart from movement, each of the other threads can be completed in 5-10 minutes, so my vibrant living theme is quite manageable time-wise.

My theme started to evolve in December, and I feel it’s still taking shape, so I expect it will continue to evolve through the year. For example I’m likely to vary the types of movement when summer arrives, and on any one day I choose from several ways I can follow my Inner GPS.

A friend’s theme is on a very different track, to include: Focus and Clarity, Honesty and Transparency.

 I wonder what your theme might be?

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