Nov 302012

Did you know that activating your heart can power up your healing?

So it makes sense to be able to instantly activate your heart whenever you’re doing healing work for yourself or someone else.

Many of us spend a lot of time in our heads trying to think of a way to heal. And if that worked, I wouldn’t be writing this, and you wouldn’t need to read it!

Your heart is another type of brain, in fact the brain in your head was originally formed from brain cells that migrated from your heart in the foetal state. Your heart brain is much more connected to your inner wisdom, and knows ways to heal that your mind doesn’t.

Experiments have shown that your heart is very powerful in the signal it radiates out to the universe, much more so than your brain.

Sending signals of love, gratitude or appreciation ‘oils the wheels’ for the universe to respond to your intentions. So it makes sense to activate your heart before starting any healing work. Here’s how to go about it.

1. Choose your heart picture

Feelings of love, gratitude and appreciation will all activate your heart. You can use a favourite ‘heart picture’, such as: a baby, your grandmother, your pet, walking along the beach, a favourite flower, a sunset …

For me, it’s a photo I took years ago of our young son and my favourite cat sleeping, heads adjacent on the pillow. (With apologies to non-cat lovers!)

So, take a few moments to choose your heart picture; something or someone:

  • you love, and / or
  • makes you smile,  and / or
  • makes you feel grateful.

You may see your heart picture as an image in your mind, or you may sense it another way, such as the perfume of a rose, or the inner feeling you get.

It doesn’t matter how you sense your heart picture, rather that you get a strong sense of it, so you activate the feeling of love or gratitude in your heart.

2. Practice activating your heart picture

In the past when I activated my heart I would spend a few moments choosing my heart picture. Thanks to Chris Walton, creator of Gamma Healing, I now appreciate the advantage of just one heart picture I use all the time, so I can activate my heart in an instant, just like pressing the switch to get instant light. This small awareness has made it much easier, and therefore more likely, that I routinely activate my heart when healing.

So, please practice bringing your heart picture to mind several times a day, until it happens as soon as you think about activating your heart. When seat belts first became compulsory here in the UK, it seemed a bother to take the time to ‘buckle up, whereas now I wouldn’t dream of driving off without securing my seat belt. It’s getting to be the same with activating my heart before healing!

3. Use your heart picture!

Finally, try using your heart picture, by activating it at the start of any healing you do, and be curious to see what effect it has…

This is one of the easiest, and most powerful healing tools I know, so do give it a try, and let me know how it goes for you.

The Nugget: You can easily power up your healing by activating your heart with a heart picture.

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