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Have you been Resting, and spontaneously found yourself blending in a little something from another healing modality? Or, perhaps you’ve been using another healing method, and found yourself blending in some Resting? I have, and I’ve heard from several readers who’ve been blending their Resting. Here’s what we’ve been up to.

First though, a gentle reminder that Intentional RestingTM certainly doesn’t need any extras – it works extremely well on its own.

That said, just as the paint colours you mix produce a new colour, mixing Resting with other healing methods seems to produce a new healing energy. The passive, restful state, that’s the core of Resting, contributes to a wonderful healing synergy!

Here are some ways people are blending Resting.

Using the Access clearing statement while Resting

The Access clearing statement is a powerful way to ‘destroy and uncreate’ anything that’s bothering you, right back to its source. The short form is to simply say ‘POC and POD’ that! For example:

I’m Resting for my shoulder now.
I’m Resting into the emotions my shoulder pain now. POD and POC them.

If you’re used to PODing and POCing things, you may find yourself adding it to your Resting.

Resting into the Sedona ‘wants’

The Sedona Method identifies five basic wants that underlie most of our discomforts. They are wanting approval, wanting control, wanting safety, wanting separation and wanting oneness. For example:

I’m Resting for this anger now.
I’m Resting into wanting to be safe now.

So if you’re stuck with some healing, and familiar with the wants, you may find yourself naturally Resting into the appropriate want.

Incorporating Resting into TAT

My TAT buddy and I have been incorporating Resting into our TAT sessions for a few weeks. Here are some of our blended phrases, that we use while holding the TAT Pose. For example:

I’m Resting into the origins of this now.
All the places in my mind, body, heart and life where this has been stored are Resting now.

If you’re familiar with TAT, you’ll see we’ve replaced the usual ‘healing’ word with ‘Resting’, and we’ve found that the lack of intention associated with ‘Resting’ adds depth to our TATs.

Resting into other healing methods

You can Rest into any other healing method you’re using. For example, I often Rest into having my Bars run, and I rest into my LightSpheres.

I’m Resting for having my Bars run.
I’m Resting into running John’s Bars.

Whether your giving or receiving healing, try Resting into it first.

So, be open to nudges to blend your Resting, and please share what comes up for you.

If you’re new to Resting, see my other Intentional RestingTM Articles; a good place to start is with my Quick Start For Intentional RestingTM.

The Delicious Nugget: Since Intentional Resting doesn’t involve any doing, and it brings a restful unwinding experience to anything you focus it on, it blends easily with other types of healing.

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  4 Responses to “Blended Resting”

  1. Hi May thank you for sharing Intentional Resting. I listened to your recoroding about 3 weeks ago, at that time I had a pain between my shoulder blades which would no budge, I change the wording in my mind to upper back and… the pain dissapeared!! Since then I have been reading more about Intentional Resting and last week I ordered the 30 days resting, I am listening to it and on day 8 I had a Tsunami of emotions. (I am a TAT professional and Psych- facilitator). Very interesting this stuff and yes, I have been blending it with TAT and Psych-K it is fascinating. I guess it is all the same stuff just different avenues to get to “Rome”

    Much blessings , Maria

    • Thanks for sharing your experience, Maria! In a funny way this has gone full circle, as I heard about Intentional Resting from TAT Trainer Lisa Saubolle!

      I agree there are many healing paths, with even more emerging, so each of us can find the ones that resonate. And blend them if that seems appropriate!

      • mam how can we know the source of peeling onions is released or dissolved?i am using access consciousness with blended resting. As i say the the CLEARING STATEMENT…I WILL FEEL RELAXED AFTER SOMETIME.OTHER TIMES I HAVE TO REPEAT TWO OR THREE what is more correct one time or many times?

        • Vineet, you already have the answer – repeat until you feel relaxed! Sometimes once is enough, sometimes it takes more times.

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