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When a health condition requires healing from various perspectives, you can use Intentional Resting to allow each perspective to surface and unwind in turn.

While healing several perspectives may sound daunting, the good news is that it’s easy to find and follow your unique Resting sequence!

If you’ll allow it, your Resting sequence will naturally unfold of its own accord. Here’s how in 3 steps.

1. Rest for whatever is bothering you right now

If Resting is new to you, see my Quick Start for IntentionalTM Resting.

I’m Resting for my elbow pain now.

And, as usual, with Intentional Resting:

  • Allow yourself to sink within and experience Resting for at least 30 seconds, longer if you like.
  • Notice what you notice.

A sensation of ‘pressure’ came into my awareness.

Most of the time when we Rest we experience the deep stillness of Rest – a quiet place where thoughts disappear.

If you need to Rest from another perspective on your condition, that perspective will come into your awareness. This often happens as you Rest, though sometimes it may come to you minutes, hours or days later.

2. Rest again, for the new perspective on your condition.

I’m Resting for this pressure now.

Again, notice what you notice, and, if necessary, Rest again.

3. Keep moving through your sequence until you feel complete – this may be one session, or a series of sessions over days or weeks.

My sequence to reduce my elbow pain turned out to be:

I’m resting for my elbow pain now.

I’m resting into this pressure now.

I’m resting for my wrist & little finger now.

I’m resting for my mind now. [My mind had become active trying to interpret ‘wrist & elbow’!]

I’m resting for this fizzy feeling now.

I’m resting for using the mouse now.

I’m resting into my persistence now.

I’m resting into my belief I have to get this done now.

I’m resting for ease now.

I then shook my arm quite vigorously – movement often comes naturally as you unwind.

The pain was significantly reduced, and there’s probably more to do in another session!

Tips to help you follow your Resting Sequence

1. Trust that any necessary sequence will emerge and unfold for you:

  • trust that other perspectives will come into your awareness
  • trust whatever you notice, however bizarre it may seem
  • trust the next step will come up in its own time – not necessarily immediately.

2. Take the first step and actually Rest! Kind of obvious, but sometimes we hesitate or procrastinate wanting to see the path before we start walking. It takes the first step to initiate  the next step.

 3. There’s no need to label what you notice – ‘this feeling’, or ‘this sensation in my throat’ is fine – your energy system knows what it’s experiencing.

 4. There’s no need to analyse what you notice, simply Rest into it. I don’t need to analyse the tension related to my eyes.

5. Keep your Resting phrase general; eg ‘I’m Resting for this pressure now’ allows for more possibilities than ‘I’m Resting for the pressure in my arm now’ – the pressure may originate somewhere other than my arm.

6. If nothing comes into your awareness, and the condition persists, you could use:
I’m Resting for whatever’s below this.

7. If your mind stays or becomes active, Rest for it, and then continue with your sequence.
I’m Resting for my mind now.

For personal help with Resting for your health condition, please go to Sessions.

The Delicious Nugget: For a health condition requiring healing from various perspectives, your Resting sequence will reveal itself to you if you trust and allow each step to surface into your awareness.

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  4 Responses to “Follow Your Resting Sequence”

  1. May, thanks for the series on the resting sequence.

    I also find it helpful to combine it with the Access Consciousness idea of asking questions.

    I’m resting for this tightness between my shoulderblades now.

    What awareness can I have that would lead to deeper resting?

    I’m resting for my neck and jaw and face muscles right now. (moving jaw around, tilting head)

    I’m resting for being here right now.

    I’m resting into just doing what I’m doing right now and letting “what needs to be done” go right now.


    Also I find that resting into “negative beliefs” works to bring them up into awareness before doing something like tapping, or an Access clearing, or Ask and Receive.

    e.g., I am resting for feeling like I don’t deserve to receive.

    I am resting into not deserving.

    I am resting into not receiving.

    Then I do an access clearing–all the trifold sequencing systems holding that into place, I destroy and uncreate them times a godzillion…

    Thanks for being you and sharing with the world!

    • Thanks Sue for sharing your sequence!

      I love the way you’ve blended in Access questions and clearings, and invite others to be creative in blending Resting with other modalities…. what are the infinite possibilities?

      Resting into beliefs (and stories too) is a great way to go – as they often underlie what we’re experiencing.

      I’m resting for my neck and jaw and face muscles right now. (moving jaw around, tilting head)

      I’m glad you included that you moved your jaw around – moving in whatever way comes to you can help the ‘unwinding’ process of Resting.

      With gratitude for your contributions!

  2. Thank you so much, May for this resting sequence follow up to your first resting article last time. It is a simple and beautiful method. I want to keep this sequence article handy for awhile, as it really worked a treat for me.
    I started resting for my lower back I strained yesterday weeding, which hurts mainly after standing after sitting awhile. This resting led to my busy mind for which I next rested. Next thing I knew, I was deeply into my painting work that had been so difficult before, and when I stood up after sitting down for supper, my back wasn’t painful any more.

    Best wishes, Celeste

    • I’m so pleased your Resting sequence helped you Rest your mind, allowing you to paint with ease, and the pain going from your back! I guess it makes sense that as we unwind the stress from one part of our being or life, the Rest spills over into other areas too. Keep Resting I say!

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