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If you’ve tried Intentional RestingTM for your pain, and there’s been no change, could that be because you’ve wanted to ‘fix’ your pain?

Trying to fix your health actually gets in the way of Resting.

Here’s why, and how to get past fixing, and into Resting…

Why fixing gets in the way

Resting is a simple technique, where you let go of ‘doing’, and simply Rest into what’s bothering you – bi it pain or some other discomfort.

As you Rest you ‘sink’ deep into yourself, to a place of expanded consciousness where the old stories, patterns and beliefs that are holding your pain in place simply unwind and unravel of their own accord. No direction is needed from you!

Your energy system knows what’s needed and how to do it, so your job is to get out of the way and let it get on with it. If you’d been able to figure out how to heal your pain, wouldn’t you have done so long ago!

If you Rest with the intention of fixing your pain, you’re doing something – creating a focus that limits the infinite possibilities your expanded consciousness has available when you Rest without any intention. You effectively cut off some of your own healing potential.

So, while fixing a dripping tap does require you to get out the tools and replace the washer, the magic of Resting is that you don’t need to do anything! A welcome change in our world of doing.

So if I Rest without trying to fix, will the pain go away?

Most people experience at least a softening of the discomfort they started with after Resting for, or into, it for 30 seconds, and experience a calm feeling. In many cases the discomfort unwinds quickly.

In some cases, you may need to Rest for your pain or discomfort every day for a few days, or even weeks or more. You may also need to Rest for other things that come into your awareness, we’ll talk about ‘Resting Sequences’ in the next article.

As with all healing, your energy system follows its own priorities, so while healing certainly does take place, sometimes it takes a while for the symptoms that are bothering you to get to the top of the list.

Giving up fixing

Hopefully appreciating how Resting works, and that it doesn’t involve any doing on your part, has already encouraged you to give up wanting to fix yourself.

If you still feel you want to fix your pain try this Resting phrase.

I’m Resting for fixing myself now.

Notice the phrase doesn’t judge your ‘wanting to fix’, it simply states what’s happening for you, and your energy system will do any necessary rebalancing and unwinding.

Here are some more tips:

Allow the pain to be present, rather than resist it (what you resist persists)

  • Trust that your energy system knows how to heal you
  • Be curious to see what your next Resting session will do for you
  • In other words – Rest and trust that your body’s innate healing system will do its job!


My IntentionalTM Resting Page gives an overview, and my Quick Start for Intentional RestingTM shows you how to get started.

The Delicious Nugget: Trying to fix your pain while Resting is counter-productive; for Resting to be effective you need to trust the process, and simply Rest, without any doing.

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