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How would you like to move  from a life run by stress, to a life powered by the healing effects of rest?

Are you willing to allow rest to reclaim balance, healing and ease in your body, your mind and your life?

Using a tool that takes less then a minute? If so, I invite you to try Intentional Resting

Intentional Resting™ is easy!

Choose from my Audio and Written Guides.

Audio Guide

9 minutes

To Download right/option click, and Save.

Written Guide

  1. Notice something in your body or mind that’s bothering you now.
  2. Silently, say to yourself:
    • I’m resting for _____ now.
    • Eg I’m resting for my eyesight now.
    • Eg I’m resting for my anxiety now.
  3. Then pause and see what you notice… half a minute is usually enough.

Most people experience a softening of the issue they rested for.

That’s it!

If there’s no change, try the alternative wording:

I’m resting INTO _____ now.

7 Tips for Resting

1. Resting is safe, and you can’t do anything wrong.

2. You can rest any time, any place! Simply rest on whatever pops up for you.

3. Remember to include ‘now’ at the end of the phrase, to bring you instantly into the present moment, which is where you need to be to rest.

4. Resting works best when you use a general phrase, rather than a desired outcome. This is because specifying an outcome involves an element of control, which is the antithesis to resting. So, ‘I’m resting for my pain now’, is more effective than ‘I’m resting for my pain to go away’.

5. Once you’ve rested for an issue, leave it a while, and then if necessary you can rest for it again. Resting repetitively in a short time is doing rather than resting!

6. Extend your rests if you like – you might choose to pause for, say 5 or 15 minutes after saying your resting phrase, for a deeper experience.

7. Have fun and let your imagination take you to lots of resting spaces!

Dan Howard is the Founder of Intentional Resting; do visit his site for more information and resources.

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  4 Responses to “Quick Start For Intentional Resting”

  1. Thanks for sharing this May. I like the way the words are simple and easy to remember, even just saying the word ‘rest’ does something for me. I am going to practice this and pass it on to others and I will let you know how I get on. Having looked at the link, have you tried any of the products on offer?

    • Excellent, Carol, and I agree the simplicity is magic!

      It’s great you’re going to share Intentional Resting with others. For your own practice, and to share with others, I use, and recommend Dan Howard’s ‘Well Rested’ pack, which has 4 products.

      The ’30 Day Resting Programme for The Whole Body’ is perfect for daily practice.

      ‘The Rest Of Your Life’ is a 2.5 hr DVD where Dan explains and introduces a group to Intentional Resting – ideal to prepare yourself to share with others, or to use with others.

      There are also 2 CDs ‘Intentional Resting For Sleep’, and ‘Deep Rest – While Awake’.

      His products are very reasonably priced, particularly if you choose the download version. Find out more at his site Intentional Resting
      I look forward to hearing how you get on…

  2. Thanks, May. Having just spent yet another restless, sleepless night tossing & turning, this post seems well-timed. When the mind and the body just won’t/can’t quiet down, will Intentional Resting help?

    • Hello Anne, yes, I expect Intentional Resting will help you to rest, and hence sleep!

      Some quick suggestions for some Resting to spark your own:

      During the day, whenever sleep crosses your mind:
      I’m resting for sleep now.

      Before sleep, or when sleep is interrupted (each separated by a couple of minutes):

      My whole body is resting now.
      Then scan your body and rest for any parts that are tense.

      My mind is resting now.
      Then scan your mind and rest for any thoughts/feelings that bother you.

      I’m willing to rest for sleep now.

      I’m resting for my beliefs about sleep now.

      I’m resting for sleep now.

      These are just suggestions, the main thing at any specific time, is to rest for what’s bothering you at the time.

      Get the idea? Follow your intuition, and play with resting!

      Wishing you restful nights, and do let me know how it goes, or contact me if you’d like more help.

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