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Many years ago, during a hectic period of my life, I learned to meditate for twenty minutes twice a day, as a survival mechanism.

Now I have a range of tools I use throughout the day, more as a way of living, which feels much more empowering.

Would you like to extend your use of tools and practices for healing and spiritual development through the day, so they become a way of living?

Twenty years ago, two twenty minute slots of TM enabled me to cope with my freelance writing, a 2 year old, and another on the way. That was a survival mechanism – so effective that I trained my two year old to occupy himself for one of the 20 minute slots, and even found I could meditate in busy places like airports and railway stations. This taught me that meditation really does calm my mind, and doesn’t require quiet, candles or any other ritual.

A few years later, I learned Sedona releasing, and got into the habit of letting go of negative feelings at the end of the day. And so on, as I added further spiritual and healing practices to my toolbox.

Mainly, I forgot all about these practices during the activities of the day, until the allotted time came to put them into practice, and often that too got forgotten or squeezed out by more ‘urgent’ or ‘important’ things to do.

More years later I found myself remembering tools and practices at various points during the day. For example:

 With Sedona releasing – I found myself releasing feelings like anger soon after the incident, and eventually as the anger surfaced.

With The One Command – I got into the habit of saying to myself ‘I don’t know how…, I only know I do so now and I am grateful’ for all sorts of apparently intractable problems.

With Access Consciousness – I routinely live with questions that remove the blinkers and empower me, like ‘What are the infinite possibilities for …?’, rather than looking down a tunnel for answers.

With Spheres Of Light, after several months of engaging daily, I gradually realised that my LightSpheres are with me all the time, boosting my healing work, and adding calm to my everyday living.

 So, how do you move to using your tools as a way of living?

Reflecting on my experience, produced six pointers to move towards using your tools as a way of living:

1. Check out your motivation; as Lester Levenson, founder of the Sedona Method, said ‘You have to want freedom more than anything else’. If other things call more strongly, you’ll need to review your priorities.

2. Choose tools that feel ‘light’ to you, so you’ll know they are true for you, and will work for you. What works for me or your friend won’t necessarily work for you.

3. Be open to using tools ‘on the go’. This may mean letting go of rituals, such as the need to be in your ‘healing space’.

4. Choose tools and practices you can use in a minute or two – more and more ‘quick’ tools are emerging. Or, once you’ve got familiar with a tool, adapt it to a ‘shortform’. I found that simply using the One Command statement works for me, leaving out the preliminary meditation.

5. At the start, practice using the tool intensively, until it becomes second nature; it’s great to do this with a partner or group so you encourage each other.

6. Appreciate the achievements your tools bring you; however small these may be appreciating them will help you to attract more achievements!

If you feel uneasy around any of these pointers, you’ll need to dissolve your blockages, or get some help from a friend, or through Delicious Healing Sessions.

The Delicious Nugget: Once you’ve found a daily practice you love, and it has become second nature, see how you can simplify it so it becomes a way of living throughout your day.


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  2 Responses to “From Daily Practice To A Way Of Living”

  1. Hello May, I happened upon your site as I was struggling with how to pay bills knowing I was overdrawing my bank account to do so. I did your meditation for money into my account,that my late rent check is accepted, and one to get rid of low back pain. I am waiting on the results but I felt so happy and elated after doing them. Dont know whether I got the visualisations right but I felt the happiness and elation. Thanks Marian

    • Marian, I’m so pleased you felt happy and elated – what better way to attract what you’re after than taking yourself to a high vibration, however you did so! It would be great for you to keep taking yourself to happiness and elation…

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