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Woman SleepingYour body’s natural restorative powers are deeply affected by your quality of sleep.

And your quality of sleep is in turn influenced by the state of your body, mind and emotions before you drift into the sleep state.

If you take tension or thoughts playing through your head into your sleep, you’re not really giving yourself a chance for a good night of restorative sleep.

Performers and sports people take time to move into an appropriate frame of body and mind before their show or competition. They let go of extraneous thoughts and focus their attention on the task ahead.

What if you took a similar approach to your sleep? Might being in a still, restful place before you drift into sleep give you a head start into your night of restoration? Might it preclude being woken up by anxious thoughts?

Preparing for good quality sleep certainly won’t do you any harm, so why not give it a try. I suggest you skim through my suggestions below to see which resonates for you, or perhaps another that comes to mind – because there are many more, and give it a go tonight.


Any unresolved issue that’s playing on your mind is likely to disturb your sleep, so this is a good place to start.

Use a method, such as EFT, TATR, The Sedona MethodR, Spheres Of Light, or any other approach that works well for you, to move to a more peaceful point of view about the issue, and hopefully resolve it completely…


Being in the present moment is an excellent way to enter the sleep state, because it means your concerns about the past and the future move out of your awareness.

Ask yourself:

‘If I don’t go into the past, and I don’t go into the future, where am I?’ …


Gratitude and appreciation are high vibrations that connect you to the universal source energy of love, where fear doesn’t exist. What better state to be in as you transition to the sleep state?

Simply identify 10 things you’re grateful for right now, and sink into the feeling of gratitude…


Sleep gives your body a chance to rest and recuperate, so it makes sense to go to sleep in a restful, rather than a tense, state so your body can make the most of its rest time.

Use Intentional RestingTM to take your body into a restful state.  Say to yourself:

‘I’m Resting for my whole body (or mind) now.’

Stay with  the statement for at least a minute, then notice how your body transforms – it may nudge you to move or stretch as the tension unwinds….

I suggest trying one or more of these methods for a week to find out for yourself the difference it makes. By the end of a week you’ll have your method nailed to a quick routine, and you’ll be clear whether it’s something for you to pursue.

Sweet dreams!

The Nugget: Resolving an issue on your mind, being in the present moment, vibrating gratitude and appreciation and being Rested are four ways to prepare your mind and body for a night of quality, restorative sleep.


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