EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) – an overview

Quick Start for EFT

If you’re ready to have a go, or just need a reminder, check out my Quick Start Guide.

What is EFT?

EFT is a painless method of tapping on key acupressure points to release the block in your energy which is causing your emotional or physical discomfort. It can alleviate symptoms varying from fears through grief and depression to backache and headaches.

Gary Craig developed EFT as a simplified form of Roger Callahan’s TFT (Thought Field Therapy), so it would be readily available to all. Both modalities are based on the premise that emotional discomfort is caused by a distortion of the energy in one of the body’s meridians. Tapping the meridian, while holding the discomfort in mind, rebalances the energy flow, and the discomfort disappears!

Many practitioners use the Short Form of EFT, which comprises tapping on just 9 points on the face & upper body.

EFT is continually being developed in a multitude of creative of ways by its many practitioners.

Sound like magic? I guess so, from the surprise in my clients as they search for their symptom that has just gone!

As with all the modalities I use, EFT works very well at a distance.

Your description of felling trees one by one in the forest was very clear and made a lot of sense. Although our original focus was being wrong which has been a huge issue for me forever it seems… working on another tree that came into view– being sad about my mother’s death- was so helpful!

Feels to me that I will have more energy all month because of it, and the sadness that had been creeping in because it’s November, the month my mother died,13 years ago, feels gone.

Doesn’t mean there aren’t other trees but that was a wonderful session May. Thank you so much. Joanna.

Joanna Rueter, Vermont, USA

What happens in an EFT session?

We talk about your health issue and how it’s affecting you, and then home in on a specific instance to work on. I’ll ask you to rate the severity on a scale of 0-10, then we tap round a series of 9 points, and you review the severity. We keep going until you reach 0 on that issue.

As we tap, you’ll easily neutralise the memory or belief which has caused your symptoms.  Then, as you drop into your ‘Be-ing’ you will gain a completely new perspective about the issue, which naturally leads to tapping in the positive outcome you would like to have.

There may be several aspects of an issue to work on. Your health issue is like a forest with many trees (or aspects) to chop down. The good news is that once a handful of key trees have been felled, the rest often fall down of their own accord. EFT quickly goes to the core of the issue, and neutralise it.

I felt wonderful during the session- positively amazed at how the “numbers” just dropped…found myself smiling from ear to ear at one point for “no particular reason”.

It was very enlightening to explore back to possible origins of my issue of putting myself to bed on time. In the two nights since the session, I have done so, and without the usual internal battle.

Lisa Mifsud, Southfield, Michigan, USA

How does May use EFT in Delicious Healing?

If you feel attracted to EFT, just let me know, and we’ll use it for your healing sessions.

If we’ve agreed to blend techniques, I’ll suggest using EFT when I sense it’s appropriate; particularly if you’re interested in quickly learning a tool you’ll be able to use after the session.

For complex health issues my EFT skill is to help you find the various aspects to deal with, and dissolve them easily without heartache or pain.

EFT works very well over the phone. I guide you round the points as we tap – you’ll know the sequence after about 15 minutes!

May was very knowledgeable and I could feel her energy and she held a great healing space for me.

I am a very hands on kinesthetic learner;  I loved going through EFT with May in person so I got a feel for it rather than read it in a book. I really feel comfortable with the process now, and will definitely be able to use EFT myself this time.

Michelle Mintz, West Bloomfield, USA, www.michellemintz.com

Healing with May

To arrange an in-person session, please Contact me.

Buy distance Sessions here.

The session built gradually in focus and intensity. I released lots of old anxiety, and felt energized and gently held.

I feel more aware of my eating and feel gentler with myself around my eating now. I feel more relaxed.

Bob Rueter, Vermont, USA.

My cold is gone! Cold symptoms never reappeared after our session, and the cold never blossomed as it had been threatening.

Anne Kaplan, Rochester USA, www.AmpleAliveness.com

aileenA well set-up session delivered in a professional and friendly manner.

May pointed out unconscious emotional signals I would have missed (eg sighing). Her feedback on my own view of the issues helped to reveal other underlying areas that might benefit from future tapping.

The following day, my craving for cigarettes had decreased dramatically!

Aileen Maxwell, Dunblane

You honed in on some experiences I wouldn’t have thought were related, but in working with them I saw that my sleep issue is a many layered one.

Since our session I’ve slept more deeply and I’ve felt more at peace if I woke in the night, which has helped me get back to sleep.

In addition, my understanding of EFT has deepened and I’ve felt more confident about using it with other issues since our session. Thanks May.

Vicky White, Vancouver, Canada, www.TheSpaciousLife.com

I immediately felt very comfortable with May, she created an atmosphere where I felt very much at ease and able to put into words how I was feeling as the session progressed, and how I needed to evolve the issues to tap on.

It gave me insights into certain triggers related to the emotional issue being addressed and left me feeling better equipped to use EFT more effectively myself.

Karen Green, Oaxaca, Mexico

I had heard EFT could be more effective with another person helping you along with the wording and I believe this did happen for my painful hands.

I did go for a tennis coaching session afterwards and I am pleased to say that my hands feel absolutely fine, which is amazing considering how tender, sore and painful they have been. Thank you very much May.

Jennifer Gordon, Auchterarder, Scotland

How do I learn EFT for myself?

See my article Quick Start to EFT, and Gary Craig’s extensive, free EFT Tutorial.


Gary Craig’s Official EFT site is EmoFree.com – this is the place to explore EFT direct from its founder, including his free video tutorial.

There are many more EFT sites, and many demonstrations of EFT on youtube.

See two ten year olds talk about their experience of EFT!

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