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Woman Resting Her MindIs your mind on the go all the time? Always chattering? Stressing you out? Affecting your health?

Here’s a very quick way to quieten it down!

When your mind is continually on the go it’s using up energy at the expense of other things. Chances are it’s repeating the same old stories over and over, with no resolution because it’s so cluttered there’s no space for new insights to come in. You may feel stressed, or you may be so used to your mind’s continuous activity that you’re not aware your mind is over-working, until, perhaps, you try to get to sleep.

Our minds are continually bombarded by the activities of the day, TV and advertisements, the inbox, and, if you subscribe, by the likes of Twitter and facebook.

Of course our minds have an essential role to play in figuring things out and keeping us safe.

However our ‘thinking mind’ needs to be balanced by our ‘feeling heart’, where we connect to our ‘Be-ing ness’. By resting the mind we open up to the more creative side of ourselves, which will offer new solutions to the problems the mind is grappling with.

There are many ways to quieten your mind. All the Healing Methods I use lead to a quietening of the mind, and more access to Be-ing. Having your Bars run works specifically on decluttering the mind, while my Sleep articles give a range of tips to quiet your mind before sleep.

Today I’d like to share Intentional RestingTMas a very quick way to quieten yourmind and access your Be-ing.

Allow your mind to Rest

We allow our bodies to rest, if only when we sleep, but when do we intentionally rest our minds? Resting is different to relaxing, which usually has an element of ‘doing’ attached – like breathing in a particular way. Resting is doing nothing, which is just what the mind needs to quieten down.

Resting is really easy! And it only takes a minute or so to take effect.

Here’s what to do:

If possible close your eyes to cut off the stimuli coming into your brain, though this isn’t essential.

Say silently to yourself:

I’m Resting for my mind now, or

I’m Resting into my mind now.

Allow about a minute to pass, then notice how your mind feels. The same? Busier? Quieter?

If there’s no change try the other wording – sometimes Resting for… works best, other times Resting into… is more effective.

Unravelling …

As you Rest for your mind the stressors associated with the thoughts start to unravel, leading to blissful quietude! This unravelling is automatic – nothing for you to do at all!

Resting for your mind is a very empowering tool to quieten your mind in the moment. With regular use it has a cumulative de-stressing effect on your mind.


I suggest you Rest your mind as often as you think about it during the day, and particularly any time you notice your mind is over-working.

As it only takes a minute, you can Rest: with your cup of tea,  in the queue , before a meeting – pretty much any time really (except driving or using machinery)!

I also encourage people to Rest for their mind and body at the start of their healing session, so they are more relaxed and hence more open to healing.

Happy Resting!

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  2 Responses to “A Quick Way To Quieten Your Mind (And Access Your Be-ing)”

  1. In order to slow down, know that these feelings may come up and do not let them get in the way of your rest periods. Also, let go of any guilt or feelings of laziness associated with resting and live within your sleep limits.

    • Good point about sleep, Letitia, and you can always Rest into any stoppers like guilt or laziness associaated with Resting!

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