Spheres Of Light – an overview

Ready to dive right in?

If so, I invite you to experience my audio Quick Start for Spheres Of Light!  Otherewise, please read on…

I’m delighted to be one of the seven Founders of  Spheres Of Light!

Perhaps ‘receivers’ would be a better word to describe us, since, rather than ‘do’ anything, over a period of several months we received a series of insights that gradually led us to recognise and engage with our LightSpheres.

Mirroring many people’s healing journey, we found ourselves shedding the ‘training wheels’ and trappings of healing and discovering an extremely simple approach. We came to experience that:

  • no ritual is needed for healing
  • the healing essence is inside each of us – it is our innate essence
  • we can access this healing essence by simply asking to engage with our LightSpheres

Healing, and more

When you engage with, or experience, your LightSpheres, you access a higher consciousness that opens up your capacity for:

  • Spiritual growth
  • Profound healing
  • Insight and intuition

After my healing session I felt absolutely wonderful and the day after that too. I had loads of energy and felt overwhelmed by feelings of love and compassion. I felt totally connected to everything and everyone around me. I was definitely on cloud 9 or higher.

I spent those two days thanking the universe for guiding me to yourself and for this amazing healing.

There has also been a big shift in my consciousness regarding what I put into my body; how other people react to situations; how I react to situations. A deeper connection with the animal kingdom and with mother earth also has taken place.

Allison D’analeze, Lennoxtown, Scotland, Dec 2011

Simple, accessible and affordable

From the outset it was clear that this was to be an ‘open source’ approach; continually evolving in response to those using it, and accessible to all.

  • Simple – all you need to do is ask!
  • Accessible – see below to try it right now!
  • Affordable – it’s free!

Try it now!

Whether you have a 2 minutes, or 20 minutes, you can experience your LightSpheres right now!

  1. Simply relax, and silently ask to  experience your innate LightSpheres.
  2. Then be still, and curious to notice what you experience… perhaps some sensations, an insight, a peaceful feeling, or nothing at all – all these, and anything else, are fine.
  3. Afterwards, notice how you feel – worse?  the same?  better?

Then continue to be curious to see what unfolds for you in your life in the days to come.

Yes, it really is that simple!

Deepening your experience

Here are a couple of ways to deepen your experience with your LightSpheres:

By yourself – engage regularly

Once you’ve experienced your LightSpheres  you’ll probably find yourself wanting to engage with them again and again. As you do so, you’ll find your experience evolving in the perfect way for you, delivering exactly what you need at any given time.

Eventually, like me, you’ll likely find yourself permanently engaged with your LightSpheres!

In our global community – Community Engagement

We invite you to join us for our shared engagement with Spheres Of Light.

  • Where? Wherever you are worldwide!
  • When? Every Monday 8pm London Time. Convert to your local time here, and if you can’t make that time, simply engage when you can, and ‘intend’ to join us.
  • How? Intend to engage with Spheres Of Light and link into our community engagement. Relax and see what unfolds…

How does May use Spheres Of Light in Delicious Healing?

As a backdrop

When running a healing session I engage with my LightSpheres, as a backdrop to any other healing method we use. You entrain to this, and there’s a boost to your healing.

As a blend

When appropriate, we’ll include engaging with your LightSpheres into your ‘Delicious Blend’. For example, I’ve found that inviting Spheres Of Light to contibute to to running Bars has a ‘supercharging’ effect, and the Bars run more quickly.

As a focused Spheres Of Light session

As a Spheres Of Light Practitioner I offer Witnessed Engagements, where I help you engage with your LightSpheres, and then interpret and integrate your experience. While engaging with your LightSpheres is straightforward, it can be helpful to have someone validate your experience, and help you take your interpretation of what emerges forward into your life.

To arrange an in-person session, please Contact me.

Buy distance Sessions here.


Our Spheres Of Light website includes full information, inspiration, FAQs, details of all Spheres Of Light events, fabulous fractal images and more!




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