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There’s a common belief that resolving health issues is like peeling the layers of an onion – a very slow process. What if that belief were slowing your healing down?
If you believe you have many layers of the onion to peel, chances are that’s what will materialise for you. You may be like some of my clients who have tried one healing method after another, and come to me asking ‘How much longer will it take to heal?’

How about exploring another perspective, that your issue is more like a ‘nucleated sphere’? Remember using a blowpipe as a kid, where you blew through several holes to produce a mass of connected bubbles (ie a nucleated sphere)? When one bubble popped another formed, and another, and another. The only way to stop the bubbles forming was to stop blowing!

So, instead of seeing your health issue as peeling back endless layers, how about stopping blowing, so you no longer feed it?

Of course you may not consciously know how to stop blowing – no worries many modalities will easily address subconscious blowing!

With TAT, the fourth step ‘All the origins of this are healing now’ takes care of the source of your problem.
Right now you could: take the TAT Pose, and put your attention for one minute on:

All the origins of believing I need to peel the layers of an onion are healing now.

With the Sedona Method, diving deeply into the discomfort until it bursts or dissolves takes care of the source.
Right now you could: notice the feeling that arises as you consider peeling the layers of an onion.

Allow yourself to dive into the feeling, then when it dissolves, dive into the next feeling you’re aware of, and so on, until you reach a peaceful state.

With The One Command, after making your command, your old beliefs unwind, dissolving any nucleated spheres.
Right now you could command:

I don’t know how my health issue resolves quickly, I only know it does so now, and I am grateful.

With AccessConsciousness, the source of thisperspective, the word ‘Boys’ in the clearing statement dissolves nucleated spheres.

Right now you could ask yourself ‘Why is it taking so long to heal? Notice the energy that arises, and then say to yourself or out loud:

‘Right and wrong, good and bad, all 9, POC and POD, shorts, boys and beyonds’.

Don’t worry you don’t need to understand what the words mean, the energy of saying them clears the issue back to its source.

Too easy to work? That’s another belief that could be holding you back!

If you’d like help to stop feeding those nucleated spheres and move on with your healing, please contact me.

The Delicious Nugget: Rather than see your healing as an endless process of peeling the layers of an onion, try changing your perspective to stop feeding your nucleated spheres!

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  3 Responses to “Onions Or Nucleated Spheres?”

  1. I forgot pod and poc!

  2. You have the healing statement as “right and wrong, good and bad, all 9, POC and POC…….” Shouldn’t it read ” ……all 9, POD and POC…… “?

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